A Ω M Great Spirit Lodge: 10 Powerful Stones for Protection

A Ω M Great Spirit Lodge: 10 Powerful Stones for Protection

SHUNGITE protects against EMF’s from computers and phones and is especially effective in the home around any electrical devices. It has Fullerenes which have powerful antioxidants. It cleanses water then infuses it with potent healing vibrations. It has been used in Russia for a long time and is well known for its healing miracles.

BLACK TOURMALINE is especially effective in negating electromagnetic field (EMF) emanating from electronic devices and appliances like microwaves, laptops, routers, game consoles and handphones. Scientific evidence proves that tourmaline can absorb and dissipate some of these EMFs. The ancient Egyptians firmly believed that tourmaline could heal the nervous system, blood diseases and lymph glands. Ancient magicians relied upon this stone for protection against evil spirits. Today, tourmaline is still revered as a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies on all fronts.

FLUORITE: The magical properties of this stone have just recently been discussed. For example, it is believed that fluorite cleanses your auric field, unblocks and stimulates all your chakras so that it wakes your system up physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It enables mental clarity and resilience and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It balances both sides of the brain hemispheres. When both sides are synchronised, creativity and ingenuity blossoms into limitless ideas and a drive to succeed. It also protects against computer and electromagnetic stress.

AMETHYST has always been used as a protection stone against psychic attacks or witchcraft, poison and evil forms of thinking. It was a semi-precious stone used to secure the help of princess, high priests, people with wealth, influence and power. Amethyst was used by seers, prophets and poets. It was believed that this lovely stone would help one in obtaining wisdom from the spirit world, and obtain true spirituality and transformation.

ONYX is believed to bring powers of protection, and the reduction of sexual desires. Onyx is a strongly protective stone. It absorbs and transforms negative energy and strengthens emotional well-being. Onyx was used in ancient times to control and constrain demons. It also protects the wearer against the works of black magic.

OBSIDIAN literally comes from the core of the earth, it vibrates a very high frequency. It is a powerful sacred stone that protects the wearer from any sickness and trouble. Obsidian is called the Stone of Truth, because in ancient times it was the material used in fashioning scrying mirrors to discover occult secrets and truths.In ancient Egypt, Obsidian were put on the body of the deceased in order to protect it in the afterlife.

LABRADORITE have the power to move you, even to the stars if you have the Will to it. It has the power to move you and get you out of your sluggish, tired and depressive moods. It gives you dreams with prophetic insights. It gives you visions of a bright colorful future, and moves your heart, mind and body forward to new experiences. Labradorite is a healers' stone. Throughout the ages it has been popular with the shamans as it enhances the mental and intuitive abilities. It sharpens clairvoyance and telepathy and is also a good prophesizing tool.

KYANITE is one of the most healing stones. It absorbs and releases negative energy effectively and can even transforms it positively. It does not require cleansing as it does not retain any negative energies. It dispels them. For this reason, Kyanite is used to cleanse other gems and crystals. It is thus a very protective stone for healers and patients alike as kyanite not only shields their energetic field, it helps to release any toxic materials gathered during healing sessions.

JET was used since ancient times as a magical gem and in magical rituals. It was used as a talisman against curses, envy, and black magic. It was used as a divination tool. Jet was burnt by a hot axe and the smoke that it gave was interpreted accordingly to prophesize future events. This form of future telling is called Axinomancy. et was chosen as the stone to be used in Catholic rosaries because it was believed that jet cooled the passions and it was a great protector against temptations. Jet also protects the wearer from night terrors and from the Night-Mare that comes in our sleep. Jet absorbs negative energy and is said to get rid of deep sadness. As a very strong energetic filter, it has to be cleansed regularly.

CARNELIAN s the stone for conquerors and of victory over one’s enemies. It was used as a charm against bad influences of bad thinking. This form of bad thinking, it was believed, came from black magic.