Abraxas stones were talismans that were used by the Gnostics, [from gnosis, that is, knowers], a different type and very occult sect of Christianity.

Abraxas was seen as a mystic teacher, like Mani the prophet and the founder of Manichaeism.

The name was also a secret password among the initiated. Like the Christians who use the Cross to identify themselves as Christians, either Catholic or Protestant today, so too was the image of Abraxas used in the same way; not to mention, as an amulet or protection against evil. Finally, the image of Abraxas was also used as a seal.

Abraxas has a rooster head, the torso of a man, and serpents as legs. He holds in one hand the whip, which represents authority and mastership. In the other hand he holds a shield, which is the symbol of protection. Hence, Abraxas is “The God who Protects.”

Abraxas is also represented with a halo, or sun behind his head, and he is in a pose of a warrior, with power and complete control.

Abraxas is the SUN deity.

“The term abraxas composed of seven letters referenced in the Gnostic system to the seven planets (and by extension to the seven archangels, the seven deadly sins, the seven days, etc.) broken down according to the Greek numbering system (A = 1, B = 2 R = 100, X = 60, S = 200), and then added together, the seven letters of the word gives the number of days of the annual cycle, or 365; By a similar logic to that of the Great Year, it could be the symbol of all of Creation, the cosmos and Knowledge (gnosis).”

[Taken from: http://www.omega-magick.com/…/abracadabra-abraxas-formulae.…]

This name then is indeed coded: it represents the SUN, or a solar deity. Just as Satan or Ha-Satan represents a solar deity, for in Hebrew numerology, this name adds up to 264.

One final mention, Abraxas was also used as seal by the Knight’s Templars.