The catseye is a translucent quartz that comes in different colors of yellow green, yellow brown, hyacinth red, grey, green grey, and so forth.

It looks like a beautiful opal stone with that unique feature of a ray of light striking just from beneath the center of the stone resembling the eye of a cat. This optical phenomenon is termed as chatoyance. It basically occurs in those stones that possess a large number of parallel thin inclusions inside the stone also termed as "silk".

Chatoyancy can be displayed in a variety of quartz. These include citrine, tiger's eye, alexandrite, opalite, apatite, tourmaline, kornerupine, aquamarine, selenite, moonstone etc. However, in gem trade, the term catseye is used to refer specifically to catseye chrysoberyl, which is regarded as the quintessential catseye gem. This is traditionally the most valuable and expensive.

Catseye is associated with the powerful planet Keto. The Keto signifies spirituality, wisdom, good health and financial security. It enhances mental capability and concentration. It heals stomach pain, headache and eye inflammation.

It is worn as an amulet for success in speculative ventures like trading in stock market and for protection against risky professions like trekking. It also gives psychic protection and can ward off the effects of evil eye. It protects one from bad dreams and mental tension.

The intense planetary energies of planet Keto helps one to evolve and ease through the pain that invariably accompanies life's tough lessons. Besides relieving the effects of stress and distress, it was believed that catseye could cure or prevent cancer.

It was also believed that by pressing a catseye on the forehead, it allowed one to access the 3rd eye and obtain foresight.

As the catseye stone belongs to one of the most vengeful planets Ketu, Vedic astrologists warn against wearing a stone that has defects as it will bring bad luck and financial ruin.