Charoite is derived either from the Chara River which is a river that is near where this semi-precious stone was first discovered; or, from the Russian word for Charm, Bewitchment or Enchantment which is CHARY. This is a true magical stone that emits a magical Enchanting aura. I will say that Charoite is derived from the latter.

It was Vladimir Ditmar who first discovered Charoite in 1948. However, it was only in 1977 that Charoite was officially identified by the Russian scientific community.

The chemical make-up of Charoite is very complicated. It is a basic purple silicate mineral with a wide variety of mineral ingredients such as potassium, calcium and silicon.

Charoite usually comes in purple with distinctive swirls of lilac and violet, wispy white with an occasional dab of orange, brown, red, yellow and black. Another gemstone that looks similar to Charoite is Sugilite. However, Sugilite lacks the feather-like white streaks and swirling enticing patterns of Charoite.

Charoite has a hardness ranging from 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale. It is often cut en cabochons and into ovals, pears and rectangles.

Charoite is usually opaque though some parts can be translucent and even transparent depending on the minerals that made up Charoite.

It comes with a luster like that of the finest pearls with intricate feather-like patterns and swirls that makes Charoite and its individual pieces a very unique gemstone.

The most sought after Charoite is the intense purple and soft lilac stones with wisps of white streaks and eye-catching swirls and patterns.

This stunning and rare purple colored semi-precious stone is found only in the Murun Mountain Range in Yakutia (Siberia) Russia on the border with Irkutsk Oblast between the Chara and Tokko Rivers.

Although rare and inexpensive, Charoite is not known to be synthesized or man-made, neither is it treated in any way to enhance its appearance or color. It is 100% natural. Besides, its signature unique swirls is impossible to be replicated.

Charoite is known as the Stone of Transformation. It has the power to transmute negative energy into positive energy, sickness to health, weakness to strength and power. It energizes your complete body system and gets rid of stress and anxieties. It can help you connect you with your hidden extrasensory powers and enhance your intuition.

Charoite is a truly spiritual stone that helps you to connect to higher powers and the divine.
It gives you the ability and resilience to overcome misfortune, adversity and grief. It nurtures compassion and endows you with insight and empathy to help others.

It is said that Charoite can regulate blood pressures and balance the central nervous system. It can also detoxify the body from harmful toxins accumulated over the years.

For this reason, Charoite should be cleansed every two weeks under running water and bathed in the sun for about an hour.

To clean your Charoite, use warm water with a mild soap and a soft brush.

Keep your Charoite separate from other harder gemstones, preferably in a fabric lined box or wrapped in a soft cloth so as to prevent accidental scratches.