Gemstones for Psychic, Physical and Spiritual Protection

Gemstones for Psychic, Physical and Spiritual Protection

Whether you believe it or not, there are people who can see ghosts, who can heal with their hands, who can feel the energies of planetary bodies, the sun, the moon, and the energies of other people that come near them. They are also sensitive to auras.

Some of these energies are so debilitating. Many either cannot sleep or when they do, they have nightmares. Some people truly can feel the pain or happiness of others, these being called empaths. Others go out of themselves and travel to other worlds. Most of the time these people are loners and are prone to psychic attacks.

And so, do you feel shit out of luck? Do you feel stress over small matters? Do you feel that you are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sometimes? Do you feel anxious? Do you forget things? Then this article was written just for you.

More often than not, these special people feel connected to Mother Nature and they need her protection, especially those beautiful children of hers that we call gemstones.

Gemstones protect your energy body from being bombarded by the emotions, envies and negativity of others, which also include the negative energies of the sun, planets, stars and also of evil spirits. Some of these protective stones also can bring with them good luck.

Gemstones, since humans have walked the earth, have been used as talismans and amulets to fight off evil spirits and to prevent the psychic attacks of sorcerers. Today is no different. Humanity still uses precious and semi-precious stones as the ancestors used them thousands of years ago.

Throughout history, from the oldest civilization on earth which was the Sumerians, to Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Chinese, Ancient American civilizations such as the Toltecs, Mayas and Incas and the Hopi American Indians, they all believed that some stones held a particular power and were used usually by ancient priests and shamans.

They were used in their ritual ceremonies and as powerful stones for protection and or as amulets.

One of these stones is the Black Tourmaline. It was believed to be a powerful shield and guardian that protects the wearer from the bad energy coming off from certain people and places. It has also been scientifically shown that it blocks harmful electromagnetic fields or EMFs coming from cell phones, computers, powerful radio antennae, television and most modern-day electronic equipment that surround us.

Another semi-precious stone used as a protection and shield is Obsidian. Obsidian has been used as a powerful stone for protection since our ancestors lived in caves. It is a powerful volcanic glass that can also be used to cleanse the auras from the filthy muddy energy that clings on us. It is one of the most spiritual stones used by humanity. In ancient Mexico it was turned into a mirror and used to contact the spirit world.

Obsidian has the power to rid your mental stress and anxiety. It can also absorb the negativity that clutters and confuses your mental positive attitude. Its powerful healing energy can help you repel the dark energy that you have been exposed to.

Fluorite usually comes as a beautiful rainbow-colored gemstone. It is used to help cleanse the human aura. The human aura is an energy field that shields us like an egg. However, it can also pick up these muddy energies around you. When this happens, your body feels it. You feel anxious, irritable and just all-around super Kali or psychotic. This affects your stomach, your heartbeat, your thinking and weakens your immune system.

Another gorgeous yet powerful gemstone is Labradorite which helps prevent ‘energy loss’ which causes tiredness, feeling of hopelessness and depression. It also protects you from the psychic attacks of envious, malicious and evil people whom you come in contact with. Wear labradorite so that these malicious gossip, nasty rumors, backstabbing especially from friends and family members, are sent back to where they came from.

Kyanite is for those who have the ability to have an out-of-body experience and make contact with the spirit world. It also gives these powers such as clairvoyance and telepathy. If you are in constant contact with the spirit world via lucid dreaming or other means such as tarot card readings or scrying, then you definitely need Kyanite to protect you from psychic attacks coming from envious sorcerers and from the slimy snail-demonic realms.

Amethyst is the gemstone used against self-sabotage and self-attack. Amethyst has the power to calm and sooth your garbage thinking, especially about yourself. Do you find yourself unreasonable, distrustful, suspicious, with these nagging negative ideas about others, especially the ones you love, and more so about yourself? This lovely purple gemstone can help you. Maybe enemies do not exist and the only enemy or enemy creator is yourself. Have you ever pondered about this?

Green Aventurine. This beautiful green stone is said to shield you from that draining vampiric sucking energy of vampire-like people. These psychic vampires feed on the positive energies of others. Green Aventurine is also the ‘I feel super lucky stone.’ Like most green gemstones, Green Aventurine is believed to bring you wealth and prosperity and luck in abundance [more so than the other green gemstones].

Tiger's Eye has been used for thousands of years as an amulet against the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is the evil eye of envy which is full of hatred and disdain of your good luck and of your ‘Star Guardian.’ Some people are born with this Eye that they can wither a luscious green plant just by their stare and touch. If you do not protect yourself from this stare, it can become a curse. Tiger's Eye will fight off this evil and repel this horrific power back to where it came from.

How can you protect yourself with these gemstones? You can carry them in your purse or pocket wherever you go.

You can put them underneath your bed or pillow and let them absorb and cleanse you from the negative energy that you have accumulated throughout the day as you sleep.

You can also place these powerful stones at the entrance of your home. This is in order to stop the vampire from entering. It is similar to placing garlic at the entrance of the main door.

You can create a perfume and place this perfume inside a jar with a protective stone. Whether you are a moonchild or a child of the sun, you can put it outside and let the rays of the moon and sun charge your protective perfume. Then spray it when necessary.

You can also take a bath with protective gemstones in order for them to recharge you.

Put the semi-precious stones to use in order to repel EMF pollution and the Evil Eye by placing them near your computer, and desk at work to protect you from these types of pollutions: one being EMF and the other the envious snake-tongue co-workers.

To cleanse and recharge your powerful gemstones and crystals, use the rays of the sun and moon by leaving them outside so that these heavenly powers can cleanse them or recharge them. But do note that some stones are "allergic" to intense heat.

You can also put them under running water and let the running water cleanse and recharge them.

Thank you.