Malachite Healing Benefits

Malachite Healing Benefits

Malachite is a copper ore of the basic copper carbonate chemical composition. It occurs in a monoclinic, small, long prismatic, usually aggregate crystal structure. It is green base with concentric banding or layering of light green and black/dark green colors. It has a hardness ranging from 3.5 - 4 on the Mohs scale with a perfect cleavage. Its transparency can be translucent or opaque. Its luster is dull (not glossy).

Malachite was one of the most important minerals in the history of humankind. It was the first mineral to be mined and smelted to create a metal called copper.

Malachite reflects its power through its swirls of rich green colors. These concentric banding resembles the all-seeing-eye that protects one from harm of evil and bad intentions.

The power of Malachite was recognized thousands of years ago by ancient Egyptians and ancient Mesoamericans. It was used in the crowns of the Pharaohs and in the death masks of Mesoamerican emperors and empresses.

Ancient civilizations used Malachite as an amulet against the Evil Eye. During the middle ages, parents protected their children from witches and nightmares by making them wear Malachite or hanging a piece of Malachite in the bedroom.

Malachite was referenced in ancient texts to be an effective treatment for infection of the eyes. Malachite's antimicrobial properties had been known in ancient Egypt and was used in eyeshadows as a medicine and pigment in paintings.

The Egyptian goddess Hathor, the Cow Mother, goddess of motherhood, fertility, and love is associated with Malachite. Mother Hathor is most ancient and her symbol, which is the Great Spirit Lodge flower petal symbol, can be found in almost all ancient civilizations from Sumer to China and Japan to Mesoamerica.

Mother Hathor also was the protector of miners in ancient Egypt. So, as you can see, Malachite has been known and used since olden times.

Malachite is known as the Mirror of the Soul, the Athlete’s Stone, the Midwife’s Stone and as the Stone of Transformation.

The virtues of Malachite include good luck, wealth and abundance, transformation and spiritual growth. It absorbs negative energy, gets rid of nightmares and promotes self-confidence. It can also absorb the negative energy of electromagnetic radiation or EMF.

The rich green in Malachite represents rebirth, spring, growth, fertility, life and the nurturing powers of Mother Earth. Like most green stones, Malachite is also associated with good luck, wealth, prosperity and money.

Malachite also helps cure the feeling of guilt and other emotional illnesses. It helps release those persistent negative psychological experiences such as resentment, fear and feelings of anxiety and gloom.

Malachite was also said to protect the travelling merchant from accidents and promote success in business.

It helps to focus, stimulate awareness and prevent vertigo. Malachite can assist you to deal with the phobias of flying and of heights.

Malachite promotes harmony with friends and family relationships and helps stimulate a balance of our body system.

It is believed that Malachite framed or mounted with copper increases Malachite’s healing beneficial effects.

The Malachite that is most healing is the one that exhibits dark-green bands in a light-green background or base. The most powerful is the Malachite that forms a bull’s eye on opposite sides of a central sphere. It is known as “Peacock’s Eye” Malachite.

Malachite is also known as The Midwife’s Stone. It was believed that Malachite could help ease the ailments specific to women such as the pains of childbirth and menstrual cramps and balance emotional problems during PMS. It was also believed to increase fertility in women.

Malachite is known to cure stomach ailments, liver issues, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, help ease the pains of sore joints, arthritis and rheumatism.

Malachite is also a very powerful spiritual stone that is used as a pendulum to get a yes/no answer from the spiritual world.

Malachite is associated with the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio.

Malachite is said to absorb negative energy more than most gemstones. For this reason, it must be cleansed and recharged on a regular basis. Crystals can be cleansed with running water, with the light of the sun or the moon, smudging, salting, or burying it under the earth for an amount of time.

Malachite has a hardness of 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, it is not recommended to cleanse it with any salt and or avoid any rough or abrasive handling.

To cleanse and recharge your beautiful Malachite simply put it under running water and let the energy of the water cleanse it. You can also smudge your malachite and allow the sacred smoke of sage, for instance, to breeze and cleanse the negative energy that the Malachite has accumulated from you or from your surroundings.

The light of the full moon is highly recommended to cleanse and recharge your malachite. Since it is quite soft, exposing it to the strong heat and rays of the sun might damage its gorgeous vivid green color.

Finally, burying your lovely Malachite a day or two under the Sacred Earth can also cleanse and recharge your powerful Malachite.

Feng Shui masters recommend placing Malachite on the eastern part of the house. This is in order to increase health, and bond the family in joy and happiness and in perfect harmony; placing it in the South-east corner of the home increases abundance, wealth, prosperity and money.

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