Nuummite was formed more than three billion years ago, making it one of the oldest rocks on Earth.

Nuummite is of a Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide chemical composition made up of 2 relatively unknown minerals, Anthophyllite and Gertie. It also occurs with lesser amounts of pyrite, pyrrhotine and chalcopyrite.

Nuummite has an orthorhombic crystal structure and comes in light-gray to almost black with iridescent yellow, blue, red, green, gold and violet flecks displaying a full range of colors. A phenomenon extremely rare in gemstones.

Nuummite was first discovered in 1810 in Greenland but was defined scientifically by O. B. Bøggild between 1905 and 1924. Nuummite is named after the region of West Greenland known as NUUK from where it was found. Due to the extreme weather in Greenland, Nuummite can only be mined a few months in a year during summer.

A new variety of Nuummite was found in central Mauritania in 2009. Its unofficial name is Jenakite. Unlike Nuummite, Jenakite has a high density of blue, green and golden Anthophyllite needle-like crystals. Nuummite from Greenland most often will have golden, blue and in some very rare cases, red Anthophyllite needle-like crystals which Jenakite have not been found to possess.

Nuummite has a hardness ranging from 5.5 - 6 on the Mohs scale. It has a perfect cleavage and is opaque. Nevertheless, it is actually quite a tough and durable gemstone regardless of its perfect cleavage.

Nuummite exhibits a glass-like to glossy luster when polished. It also displays a dark-violet fluorescence. Good quality Nuummite will be free from cracks.

To maximize the iridescent play of color, Nuummite is usually cut en cabochon and fashioned into fancy shapes.

Nuummite is not known to be treated or enhanced in any way.

Gemstones that can appear similar to Nuummite include Dark Larvikite, Astrophyllite, and Arfvedsonite.

Nuummite is known as the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is an esoteric magician's stone. It has the power to unleash the magic hidden within and gives the wearer inner power. It boosts energy and relieves fatigue and anxiety. It enhances psychic ability and is used to ward off witches' or spiritual attacks. It reverses hexes and curses and negative energy. It is a powerful stone for protection that stimulates action.

Nuummite activates the root chakra which is associated with procreation, instinct, survival, strength and power.

Nuummite can be wire-wrapped or drilled to make attractive pendants, earrings or beads. As Nuummite gemstones may be prone to scratches and cracks, rings must be protected in bezel setting.

To clean your Nuummite gemstone, simply use a soft cloth with warm soapy water. Remember to rinse well and remove all soapy residue from your precious Nuummite.

Finally, true Nuummite is only found in Greenland.