On Crystals

Crystals guard within them ancient knowledge, secrets that are kept dormant for millions of years;

If you sleep with your crystal, it banishes the nightmares that lurk in the shadows of your dreaming;

They protect you from curses and witchcraft, and those envies that come from secret enemies and from their evil thoughts about you;

If a crystal breaks, it is a good omen as it means that it has taken the venomous presence that was about to strike you with malignity and terror.

Keep your crystal close at hand, gaze at it when you are feeling sick and notice how it takes away that incessant dis-ease and foreboding that are tormenting you inside your head;

Cleanse yourself with it so that it takes away the impurities of your thoughts, of your heart, in your blood and in the air within your lungs, and all these diseases and impurities that are lurking in the environment;

Know this fact - crystals are not a New Age fad, it wasn't a fad among the ancient people all over the world, from shamans in the Himalayas to the high priests in ancient Egypt and the common man working his farm fields.

Honor, therefore, and acknowledge your crystal. If it is in your hand, it is your friend.