SAPPHIRE, derived from the Greek SAPPHEIROS, means BLUE STONE.

The shades of blue vary in hue from pale to deep azure or dark royal blue to indigo with the most highly desired being the velvety cornflower blue also called Kashmir Sapphire.

Since ancient times Sapphires were considered to be sacred stones. Because in all its celestial hues, they resembled the blueness of the Heaven of the Heavens. This heavenly blue signified celestial hope and faith and was believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It was a symbol of power and strength, of kindness and wise judgement.

This gem was sacred to Phoebus Apollo, the Light Bringer and a giver of knowledge; the god of the Oracle at Delphi who slayed Python, the monster of mental darkness. Therefore Sapphires were also considered to be destroyers of poisonous reptiles and insects. Necromancers, priests and priestesses sought this stone for its purported ability to influence spirits and make clear oracular pronouncements.

Sapphires were believed to aid healing and they were even offered as an antidote to poison.

An old rhyme was testament to its healing power:

"If on your hand this stone you bind,
You in Taurus born will find
'Twill cure diseases of the mind,
The Sapphire."

Besides being used as medicine for all types of illnesses ranging from fevers, swellings, problems with perspirations, poison, plague and skin diseases, it also had great power in resisting black magic and curses.

In the ancient times, the great physician Galen used Sapphire to expel all eye ailments and even cured blindness.

Sapphires place near the heart fortify the heart. This gem represents pure divine love and chastity. It loses its luster if worn by an impious or drunkard person.

Sapphires protect the wearer from the parasitical larvae of the demon-infested spiritual world; and also protects the wearer from the poisonous reptilian of the human material world.

Sapphire opens all doors to psychic abilities, and gives peace and tranquility to the wearer. It is used as an amulet against envy, witchcraft, quarrels between friends, and the whispering influences of demons.

The Blue Sapphire should continuously be in touch with your skin so that its energies can have a positive effect on your aura. A powerful aura not only helps to block these external negative energies, it also strengthens you from within.