Seraphinite Gemstone

Seraphinite Gemstone

Seraphinite is derived from the Greek word SERAPHIM which alludes to the Biblical angel with three pairs of wings. This is because Seraphinite occurs with silvery feather-like chatoyant fibers which are the result of mica inclusions.

Seraphinite is a variety of Clinochlore, which belongs to the chlorite group. [Note, Clinochlore from the Greek "klinein", "to incline", in allusion to the inclined optic axes and the Greek "chloros," for "green," its typical color. (].

As a variety of Clinochlore it is related to Kaemmererite (also known as Kammererite). Kämmererite is a chromium-bearing variety of Clinochlore with bright purple to a deep crimson red colour and is translucent to transparent.

Seraphinite as a member of the Chlorite group is related to other chlorites which include Nimite, Pennantite, Cookeite and Chamosite.

Seraphinite is translucent to opaque with a pearly, vitreous, greasy, dull luster.

Seraphinite is of a magnesium iron aluminum silicate chemical compostion. It occurs in a monoclinic crystal structure. Seraphinite is usually dark-green to gray, with translucent silver chatoyant fibers that shine as the stone is turned in the light.

Seraphinite hardness ranges from 2 - 2.5 on the Mohs scale and occurs with a perfect cleavage. Because of this, Serephinite is seldom used in jewelry but mainly used as a healing stone and as a gemstone for collectors.

Seraphinite is usually cut en cabochon or carved into spheres or other shaped, tumbled and fancy cut.

To improve its durability, Seraphinite is impregnated with polymer. Nonetheless, untreated Seraphinte are also available.

Seraphinite can be confused with Serpentine. However, Serpentine is brighter and of a yellowish-green hue with less silvery inclusions.

Serephinite is also known as "the angel stone" or "angel's wing stone" and crystal healers everywhere say that it is a powerful spiritual stone that brings communication between the physical self and the spirit realm. It also brings balance in the emotional self.

In the middle ages, Seraphinite was worn as an amulet to prevent snake bites just as they used Serpentine.

Seraphinite energy can unblock chakra blockages in the body. It gives positive energy and balance.

It is beneficial for the lungs and aids detoxification as well as releases muscular tension.

Sepraphinte in Feng Shui is said to bring Wood Energy and is associated with health, vitality and new business ventures.

Though it is lacking in hardness, it can still be tumbled and drilled and used in pendants, beaded necklaces, earrings and other type of jewelry. However, due to it softness, it must be protected in a channel or bezel settings.

Again, due to its softness and perfect cleavage, Seraphinte is quite sensitive to strong pressure and hard blows, high temperatures, chemicals which includes perfume and hair sprays and household cleaners such as bleach. Avoid exposing it to sulphuric acid.

To clean your Seraphinite simply use a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap. Remember to rinse it in order to remove all of the soapy residue from your beautiful Seraphinite healing stone.

Main sources of Seraphinite are found in Russia, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Other deposits are also found in Turkey and in the United States.