Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Tiger's Eye Bracelet
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Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Size of Tiger's Eye: 34mm*21mm
Size of Peridot beads: 4*6mm
Length of bracelet: 184mm
Wrap this around your wrist.  This gorgeous exotic large tiger's-eye gemstone makes a bold statement and impression.  It is stunning with the  compliment of 4 Peridot beads.

The large centerpiece gemstone is wire wrapped with pure copper and oxidised for an antique heirloom look.

Tiger’s Eye is of the variety of macrocrystalline quartz and is described as opaque in its transparency.

Tiger's Eye is golden-brown or amber-yellow with a silky luster.  However, most often it can come in multicolor, with brown, black or golden colored stripes and wavy patterns.

Tiger’s Eye also displays a beautiful iridescence.

Since ancient times, Tiger’s Eye was considered to be a bringer of good luck and fortune.  It was used by scholars and wisdom seekers as well as merchants and traders.

It was revered as the "all-seeing and all-knowing eye".  It has been used for its medicinal and mystical properties.

It was believed that placing Tiger’s Eye on the third eye chakra when the moon is in the constellation of Gemini, it could enhance psychic abilities, intuition, extra sensory perception and clarity of thought.

Tiger’s Eye was thought to help people with vision problems and increase their ability to focus.  It is a soothing stone as it calms nerves and also alleviates any pain in the lungs.

Peridot is ancient!  It is as old as our solar system which is 4.5 billion years old!  It has been found in Pallasite meteorites.  These meteorites consist of green olivine crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix.  It is the first type of rock to be identified as extraterrestrial.

Ancient Egyptians believed that Peridot was sent to Earth by the explosion of a star and carried its healing powers to Earth.  It was believed that Peridot could drive away fears and nightmares.
It is said to drive away evil spirits and the ghosts of the night and the influences of demons.  It protects the wearer from unhealthy obsessions.  It also breaks the spells of witches set against you.

Peridot gives the wearer hope, strength, inspiration, and banishes all despair, illogical and insane forms of thinking, and gives the gift of prophecy.

Peridot was valued in ancient times more so than diamonds and it was called "the" precious stone.
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