Golden Honey Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant
Golden Honey Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant
Golden Honey Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant
Golden Honey Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant
Golden Honey Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant

Golden Honey Genuine Baltic Amber Pendant

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Elegant, refined, beautiful golden honey genuine baltic amber pendant

Handcrafted Jewellery
Pendant Measures: 100mm*30mm
Material: Pure Copper Wire
Gemstone: Baltic Amber

Large paralellogram shaped amber gemstone made into a beautiful and elegant bold statement pendant necklace. It features a gorgeous genuine natural golden honey colored Amber gemstone sourced from the Baltic sea region. It is one-of-a-kind, not only in its geometric shape, but also in its eye-catching size. 

This beautiful  Baltic amber was wire wrapped with pure copper, embracing masterfully the natural shape of the amber. The color of the amber contrast perfectly with the color of the copper wire. The bails add more dimension to the paralellogram shaped amber gemstone and gives it a more modern bold fashion look.

A fashion style that looks great in both men and women. 

Please note:

Since Amber is an organic gem, I recommend to take off your amber jewellery during house cleaning as bleach, acids and other chemicals can damage the luster of your precious amber gemstone. Perfume and hairspray should not come into contact with your amber pendant as well.

Due to it being an organic material, it is relatively soft, and therefore it scratches easily. Care has to be taken not to keep your gorgeous amber pendant with other harder gemstones and metals.

Also, not to get it wet, so that its luster can remain vivid as when you bought it.

About the Organic Gem Amber:

Amber is formed from ancient evergreen pine trees from about 65-50 million years ago. It occurs in a range of different colors including golden-yellow, orange, brown, blue, and others such as lemon-yellow, green, red, to nearly black. It is usually hard, transparent, translucent and opaque and resinous.

Usually, amber comes with pockets of air bubbles and many other inclusions of prehistoric materials like insects, furs, feathers, sticks and leaves.

Amber is considered an organic gemstone. Other organic gemstones include Jet, Pearl, Coral and Ivory.

Amber has been used since ancient times not only as a powerful amulet but also as medicine. It was believed to contain ancient wisdom and was used to ward off evil and as a cure for diseases such as epilepsy, rheumatic diseases and neuralgia. The latter was done through inhaling the smoke of burning amber which has the scent of pine trees. Amber jewelry is known to have existed since prehistory. It is one of the first organic gems used in amulet jewelry.

Your gemstone will be wrapped in a lovely gift box filled with blessings ❤ It comes with a chain necklace.



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