Baltic Heart-Shaped Amber Wrapped in Sterling Silver Pendant
Baltic Heart-Shaped Amber Wrapped in Sterling Silver Pendant
Baltic Heart-Shaped Amber Wrapped in Sterling Silver Pendant
Baltic Heart-Shaped Amber Wrapped in Sterling Silver Pendant

Baltic Heart-Shaped Amber Wrapped in Sterling Silver Pendant

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Size of Pendant: 35mm*15mm
Materials: Sterling Silver
Gemstone: Genuine Baltic Amber

Style: Bold Fashion Jewellery 
Elegant Beautiful Magical Classy

Artistically handcrafted and elegantly designed with a lovely heart-shaped organic gem, wire wrapped with pure sterling silver.  

Amber jewellery is known to have existed since prehistory.  It is one of the first organic gems used in amulet jewellery.

This beautiful pendant was boldly decorated with sterling silver wiring.   This lovely organic yellow amber comes from the Baltic.  It is transparent yellow with gorgeous and unique inclusions that automatically draws people's attention to the wearer.  

Note: The videos are taken under natural sunlight.  Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, this magical gem radiates between bright lemon and warm orange with shimmery inclusions.

The yellow colour of amber is due to high concentration of gas bubbles.  A lower concentration of gas bubbles result in a brownish-coloured gemstones. 

According to a Greek myth, when Phaëton son of Helios (the Sun) was killed, his mourning sisters became poplar trees, and their tears became elektron, which is the Latin name for amber.

Amber was loved by the ancient Greeks.  It was mentioned in the sacred writings of Homer, in his Odyssey, also in the writings of Socrates and his pupil Aristotle.  

Amber has been used since ancient times not only as a powerful amulet, but also as medicine. It was believed to contain ancient wisdom and was used to ward off evil and as a cure for diseases such as epilepsy, rheumatic diseases and neuralgia.  The latter was done through inhaling the smoke of burning amber which has the scent of pine trees. Although it is an organic gemstone, crystal healers use it for its crystal-like healing abilities.

Amber is almost always cut en cabochon and rarely faceted. It is also cut in oval shapes, rounds, fancy, stars, hexagons, pentagons, trillions and heart shapes.

Electricity is derived from the Greek word for amber, Elektron, because when amber is rubbed it produces static electricity.  Ancient people believed that yellow gemstones such as amber had the power to harness the power of the sun.  Further, yellow stones worn by women are associated with generosity. 

Finally, Tom Stoppard wrote, "the colours red, blue and green are real.  The colour yellow is a mystical experience shared by everyboody."    

Your gemstone will be wrapped in a lovely gift box filled with blessings ❤  It comes with a sterling silver necklace.



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