April Birthstones & Zodiac Gems

April Birthstones & Zodiac Gems

Diamond comes from the Greek word ADAMAS, ADAMANTOS, which means Unconquerable, Invincible. Its name is a testament to its occult powers. In many legends and lore, you find this belief that to conquer your enemies and win battles, you have to wear a diamond. Thus, the name, ADAMANTOS or Conqueror.

A diamond is crystallized carbon and has the same chemical composition as graphite though they differ a lot in physical structure. While graphite is the softest, diamond is 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that only a diamond can cut another diamond.

Diamonds come in many varieties of colors: white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink and black. They are mostly transparent but some can be opaque. Only the transparent ones are used in jewelry.

Diamonds have a high refractive brilliance. It refracts light in all directions at the same velocity. Note that diamonds are one of the few gemstones available today that have this ability. They shine like fire due to this high dispersion of light.

In the old days, only those privileged few were able to own diamonds. Today diamonds can be produced in laboratories and unlike the common myth that is spread in propaganda, diamonds are not rare.

Diamonds were considered the symbol of purity and it was used as a talisman against all evil. However, this same diamond must not be touched by evil and any demonic forces of all astral planes.

Menstruation was considered filthy and impure. Thus, women who were menstruating had to remove their diamond until after the flow was over.

Diamonds are a symbol of wealth, success and victory. A diamond represents the purity of the soul shining flawlessly. It was said that diamonds shone brightly on the wearers who were faithful to their loved ones and spouses. If the diamonds became dull, it meant that the wearers had committed unfaithfulness (adultery) towards their beloved. This belief was written in the plays of Shakespeare. Today, diamonds are the gemstone for engagement and wedding rings.

Note that March is linked with April through the zodiac sign of Aries and April is linked with May through the zodiac sign of Taurus. Both of these months have their own gemstones.

The two zodiac signs for April are Aries and Taurus.

Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits Aries from approximately March 20 to April 21 each year. Under the sidereal zodiac, the sun approximately transits Aries from April 15 to May 14.

The two gemstones associated for the zodiac sign of Aries are Bloodstone and Diamond.

The planetary stone for Aries is Jasper

The Talismanic stone for Aries is Topaz

The Sun transits the sign of Taurus approximately from April 21 to May 20 in western astrology.

The six gemstones associated for the zodiac sign of Aries are Sapphire, Amber, Coral, Emerald, Rose Quartz and Turquoise.

The Planetary gemstones for Taurus are Aventurine and Emerald.

The Talismanic gemstone for Taurus is Garnet.

Planetary stones are gemstones linked with different planets. Usually, the gemstone is linked with the ruling planet of a person’s birth. These gemstones are said to be powerful amulets and talismans for protection, luck, wealth and bringer of great benefits to the correct zodiac-sign bearer.

Talismanic Stones are gemstones cut in a magical ritual and fashioned as an animal or fetish or symbol of the planet or zodiacal sign. They can also be engraved and worn as jewelry. Wearers are believed to be protected from evil by the magic that these gemstones represent and possess.

Diamond became the official birthstone for April when the American National Association of Jewelers came up with the modern birthstone list that we know today. It all began in 1912.

Traditional birthstones are the birthstones that were used before 1912. Before 1912 the traditional birthstone for April was the blue Sapphire which is a great alternative if you dislike diamonds.

April also has two gemstones that give healing properties and have great positive attributes in Feng Shui applications. These are Jasper and Rose Quartz.

Jasper is usually red in color but it can also occur in yellow, brown or green in color and rarely blue. Each color emits a different type of energy frequency. Thus, depending upon the effect you desire and wish to attract into your life and home, the color of the gemstone is very important. For example, brown and green jasper contain wood energy in Feng Shui and this energy is for growth and expansion, for nourishment, health and new beginnings.

It boosts energy and brings abundance into the home and keep us energized.

Wood energy in Feng Shui is usually associated with the East and Southeast areas of the house and or work place. It is also associated with health, prosperity and abundance.

Red Jasper is the fire energy, the energy of warmth, brightness, illumination and activity. It is the energy of Yang. The energy of heat, emotion, action and passion which includes sexual ideas or fantasies and sex. It is usually associated with the South area of the house or work place and is linked with fame and reputation in your house. If used well, this energy can give you a good standing in the community and within your peer workers and family members. Use this energy with caution, since being the energy of the sun, the fire element can become a danger if it is out of control.

Yellow Jasper is the controlled fire energy, usually associated with the center of the house and or office. This controlled fire energy brings cheerfulness, light and vitality to the place that surrounds it. The yellow sun is for the most part found in the middle of the sky and its heat energizes everything.

Jasper heals as it reduces stress and brings inner peace. It cleanses and rids of negative energy in the home and office.

Jasper earth energy helps the wearer heal faster not only with their physical injuries but also with the painful emotional experiences that they have just gone through. Jasper also gives self-discipline and encourages the wearer to finish a task.

The color pink in gemstones is connected with love and love’s healing. By placing a Rose Quartz in the Southwest area of the house or office, you will be following the traditional Feng Shui bagua and attract love and marriage. Additionally, you will bring the healing energy of love into your house or work place.

Rose Quartz can also heal past traumas, resentment, anger, fear, jealousy and envy. It is a powerful stone that helps to balance emotional body and improve relationship with others. It is more effective to wear a Rose Quartz as a pendant next to your heart.

Rose Quartz can help those who have trouble falling asleep or feeling stressed, anxious and fearful. Place a Rose Quartz under your pillow and you can be assured of the soothing energy that radiates calmness and peace.