Chrome Diopside derives its name from the chemical Chromium and from the Greek words DIS for Twice and OPSE for Face meaning Two-Faced. It has only been on the gemstone market since 1988.

Chrome Diopside is of a calcium magnesium silicate chemical composition. It comes in green, yellow, colorless, brown, and black colors. However, it is the green colored Chrome Diopside that is the most sought after.

Chrome Diopside has a hardness ranging from 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. It is transparent and translucent in clarity with a vitreous to dull luster. It gives off a violet, orange, yellow and green fluorescence.

Other names that Chrome Diopside is known for include the deceptively named Siberian Emerald, Russian Diopside, Imperial Diopside, Russalite, Vertilite, Serbelite and Tashmarine.

Chrome Diopside gets its green color from the presence of Chromium. This green color ranges from beautiful tender grass green to deep olive green to almost black green.

The light green looks similar to Peridot and the medium green Chrome Diopside looks similar to Tsavorite Garnet and Chrome Tourmaline. It rivals its green colors to Emeralds and Tsavorites, and occurs even without the inclusions of Emeralds, and yet, it is still relatively much more affordable. For example, a Tsavorite that is 1.5 carats in size costs $1000 compared to a similar looking Chrome Diopside which is no more than $50 US Dollars.

Other varieties of Diopside gemstones include the coarse violet to light blue manganese-rich Violane and Lavrovite which is a green vanadium-bearing stone.

Star Diopside is a black Diopside exhibiting asterism or the star-like effect. This gemstone has been known for hundreds of years and is also known as the Black Star of India. It is of a deep green so dark that it looks black and displays a white star on its surface.

Usually Chrome Diopsides that are in smaller sizes of less than 3 carats come with excellent transparency and no inclusions. The larger carats are very difficult to find and most often its transparency is opaque and cut into cabochons for its Cat’s eye and Star effect.

Chrome Diopside was first discovered in Russia in the Republic of Sakha where it is found in large quantities and mined for only 3 months in a year due to its harsh and inhospitable weather. Later it found its way to Europe and the United States in 1998 right after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Chrome Diopside is also found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar as well as Madagascar. The Star Diopside can only be found in India.

Chrome Diopside is not typically treated in any way to affect its color and luster. However, it can be used as a counterfeit gemstone due to its similarity to Emerald, Tsavorite and Chrome Tourmaline. Nonetheless, Chrome Diopside can be easily identified by its hardness which is less hard than all the three above-mentioned gemstones.

Chrome Diopside are usually cut into round, oval or cushion shapes. Though its Mohs hardness scale ranges from 5 to 6, it is perfect for earrings, necklaces and pendants. However, care must be taken and they should be protected in a stable setting.

Chrome Diopside due to intense forest green color is the gemstone for those who are concerned about the devastation of forests and trees.

Chrome Diopside encourages compassion and loving care. It helps to overcome sadness and heartache of break-ups in relationships. It cultivates empathy and a better understanding of others' struggles. Thus, it helps one to forgive and reconcile differences.

It also gives you the strength to see your self-worth, build up confidence and increase self-esteem.

As a green gemstone, Chrome Diopside resonates love and compassionate energy. This rids of irrational fears and opens you up to the people you love.

Chrome Diopside may help rid your body of toxins, strengthen respiratory and blood circulation and help faster recovery from emphysema and all issues related to lung problems.

Try holding Chrome Diopside in the palm of your hand, or wear it close to your heart, more so your stomach and feel its energy coursing through your body.

To cleanse Chrome Diopside gemstones, hold them under running water and dry it in the sun for half an hour.