Crystal Healing Magic

Crystal Healing Magic

"If you go back to the Greek word, Krystalos means frozen ice; and the reason for that is, the ancients believed crystal to be one of the most precious gemstones and have its origins from the sky. Like, there is a reason why we say, 'Oh my thoughts crystalized into something.' That's because they kind of represent a mental activity in which one can get closer to god, closer to themselves, closer to the earth, but all begins with an engagement with the stone, whether it is in one's mind or whether you are holding it closer to your skin." - Marisa Galvez (Profesor, Stanford University)

A crystal harnesses the energy of the earth and of its heat - this takes millions of years.

We have the ability to harness this power too. This is done through the intense focus of our intentions. What are your intentions? Are they for healing or for bringing you luck or love or health?

Each crystal has its own frequencies and some go well with your own.

Crystals send these vibrations all the time and it is your thoughts, that are propelled by your own vibrations, that intuitively pick them up. There is a saying that you don't pick crystals but they pick you.

Shamans believe that a stone comes to you and not the other way around. Most of the time it comes to you in a dream or a vision. In some cases, it "calls" out to you as you are walking past the store or in the forest or mountain.

Since ancient times, people have been found buried with quartz or other crystals especially precious stones such as jade and turquoise.

Clear crystals have also been used in magic for divination purposes, for example, the very famous Maya crystal skulls or the crystal ball.

Quartz is used in most technological tools that require precision such as watches, cell phones, computers and most electronic goods.

Your stone may just be here in our shop, waiting for you all this time.

Try to view our catalog with a quiet mind. Close your eyes and visualise holding the crystal in your hands and be mindful of the feelings stirring inside you.

Crystals and stones are borne of Mother Nature. Just as we are. We are connected through our frequencies and if we know how to augment and harness these frequencies, we could manifest our dreams.

Profesor Marisa Galvez quote was taken from the Youtube video:
How Healing Crystals Became a Cultural Phenomenon | Annals of Obsession | The New Yorker
(at time 2:30)