Fertility Gemstones

Fertility Gemstones

What is fertility? Fertility is the god given power of creating children. Creating babies is as magical as the earth being fertilized by water. It requires a great power.

The Online Atlantic Magazine writes, “scientists are coming to a consensus that men in America and Europe are experiencing a worsening decrease in fertility. They disagree, however, about why.” [https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2018/10/sperm-counts-continue-to-fall/572794/]

Why is this happening? The answer is simple: chemicals and hormones in food, chemicals around the house, pesticides, herbicides, a very poor diet, little or no exercise, electromagnetic fields and so forth.

Since gemstones were discovered, they have been linked with certain supernatural powers like protection from envy, evil eye, demons and also as givers of vitality, power and courage, potent sexuality and fertility.

Gemstones that bestow power and fertility were believed to give an alpha male spirit especially in battles and some were believed to give forth a heat of passion and to make oneself attractive and lovable.

Here is a short list of some of the gemstones believed in aiding the wearer in increased fertility.

RED GARNET is the stone of the Greek goddess Demeter, the great Mother, goddess of agriculture and fertility. Note, red colored gemstones per se are said to give forth passion and power and virility. Garnets are known as the Stone of Health and Commitment.

Red Garnet gives the wearer confidence in his or herself, a confidence necessary during copulation.

REDDISH ORANGE CARNELIAN also known as the stone of action, is believed to be able to boost male virility and libido. It is the stone most often recommended for boosting fertility. It is also said to give the wearer endurance and creativity in spontaneous lovemaking.

FIRE AGATE boosts the passion as well as sexual desires and bonds powerfully the love between lovers.

It is said that its resonance could help heal the stress of past trauma. It is also said to benefit the reproductive system of both females and males.


The Moon is linked with the tides of the ocean and the menstrual cycle of women.

The word "menstruation" is etymologically related to "moon". The terms "menstruation" and "menses" are derived from the Latin mensis (month) which in turn relates to the Greek mene (moon) and to the roots of the English words month and moon. [From: Menstruation – Wikipedia].

Moonstone is believed to be able to balance women’s menstrual cycles and hormonal changes, and help women become pregnant.

Moonstone is also known as the Stone of New Beginnings and one is recommended to wear a moonstone during lovemaking and also during full moon in order to maximize its supernatural power and increase its power of fertility.

RUBY ZOISITE has a mottled appearance of green zoisite with large inclusions of red ruby and black hornblende. Therefore, it has the added healing properties of said gemstones.

The red of ruby represents the eternal Fire. The green in zoisite represents the element of Earth. It is a perfect gemstone to balance the elements and energies of Fire and Earth.

Ruby Zoisite is associated with root, solar plexus and heart chakras. These have an impact on our animal instincts, survival, psychic ability and spirituality. As a root chakra gemstone, it helps to enhance fertility in both men and women and also to increase vitality. As a solar plexus chakra gemstone, it helps to heal bacterial infections. As it also resonates with the energies of the heart, it helps to balance mood swings and acquire patience, understanding and compassion.

HEMATITE is linked with blood and the blood flow that helps oxygen to circulate in the body. This blood flow is necessary for men’s virility, fertility and vitality. Hematite is often used in treating anemia which affects women during and after pregnancy. In ancient times Hematite was used as an amulet to stop bleeding.

Hematite is an iron-oxide mineral. Its color ranges from red to brown and black to gray to silver. Hematite comes from the Greek HAIMATITES LITHOS which means "blood-red stone." This is because they all leave a rust-red streak when scratched in a white ceramic plate. This red streak is an important clue in identifying hematites.

Ancient Romans associated hematite with Mars, the god of war whom they glorified. Their warriors rubbed their body with the powdered hematite as it was believed it made them invincible.

Both hematite and bloodstone were known and used in ancient Babylon and Assyria. It was believed that the source of hematite was from the blood of dragons and that it had the power to stop bleeding and to cure any mental ailment.

Hematite was also recommended for use against venereal diseases or the diseases of Venus. Mars used to battle Venus in medical astrology.

Hematite has been found on planet Mars. Because terrestrial hematite is typically a mineral formed in watery environments, this discovery points to the fact that there was once water on Mars. An abundance of hematite in Martian rocks and surface materials gives the landscape a reddish-brown color and that is why the planet appears red in the night sky.

In conclusion, many ancient writings on the healing properties of crystals have been found and studied. For thousands of years, gemstones were used for medicinal and metaphysical purposes. In our modern world with the advancements of medical science, this modality of crystal healing is met with skepticism. However the different frequencies emitted by different stones resonate with different parts of our bodies must not be ignored.

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