'I am Inanna, Queen of Heaven,
On my way to the East.'
Neti said:
'If you are truly Inanna, Queen of Heaven,
On your way to the East,
Why has your heart led you on the road
From which no traveller returns?'
Neti spoke:
'Stay here Inanna, I will speak to my queen.
I will giver her your message.'
Neti, the chief gatekeeper of the kur,
Entered the palace of Erishkigal, the Queen of the Underworld, and said:
'My Queen, a maid
As tall as heaven,
As wide as the earth,
As strong as the foundations of the city wall,
Waits outside the palace gates.
She has gathered together the seven me.
She has taken them in her hands.
With the me in her possession, she has prepared herself:
On her head she wears the shurgarra, the crown of the steppe.
Across her forehead her dark locks of hair are carefully aranged.
Around her neck she wears the small lapis beads.
At her breast she wears the double strand of beads.
Her body is wrapped inthe royal robe.
Her eyes are daubed with the ointment "let him come, let him come."
Around her chest she wears the breast plate called "come, man, come!"
On her wrist she wears the gold ring.
In her hand she carries the lapis measuring rod and line.'

DESCENT OF INANNA [tanslated by Wolkstein - Kramer]
Sumeria, a 6000 year old poem


One of the earliest reports on the use of jewelry goes back to the site of Skhul in Israel 100,000 years ago when they adorned themselves with shell beads. Nonetheless the use of gemstones in jewelry can be traced since humanity walked the earth. Many ancient cultures wore jewelry made of gemstones to denote status and for protection.

Zodiac gemstones can be traced back to Babylon 3000 years ago. The descent of Innana, which is an ancient Sumerian legend, describes the amulets and jewelry of the goddess Innana. In Western countries, astrological gemstone had its origin in the 18th century. The modern birthstone list was fixed by the Jewelers of America Organization (JA) in 1912.

Gemstones being products of the earth since time immemorial, emanate innate energies and thus carry its own metaphysical properties. These were recognized by the ancient people who had harnessed it for protection against malevolent forces including diseases as well as to attract blessings.

Gemstones are therefore believed to be spiritual and effective healers. They are frequently used in alternative medicine such as crystal healing.

Gemstones are believed to energize the mind, body and spirit. They are composed of properties that ancient people believed were unique, magical and that could aid the wearer in some ways. It was believed that gemstones carry the greatest healing energies, but not just any gemstone. Gemstones that resonate the purest energies are natural and display a vibrant color. It must not have any defects or impurities and any lapidary works must be flawless and seamless. The shape of the gemstone is just as important as it augments these energies. For instance, it is believed that round shape is the ideal cut for the gemstone to radiate its energy in all directions.

The location where it sits on different parts of your body also affects its viability in healing. For example, each finger of the hand posits an energy. In addition for some culture, it is also crucial to know on which hand to wear the gemstone.

The material is which the gemstone is set also affects the quality of healing. It is better to use metals that are also electrical conductors like silver, copper and gold. Silver is the best conductor of energy, the next being copper.

Our own energy should complement the energies of the gemstones. We can effect this by setting an intention for the gemstone to work in our favor and amplify the specific healing or protection that we need.