Gemstone Medicine

Gemstone Medicine
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by Alice Koh

Since thousands of years ago, ancient people such as the Chinese, Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks knew about the medicinal and therapeutic properties of stones and had been using them for healing. Rooted in the Vedas, the Indians, too, believed strongly that stones are associated with particular stars, moons and planets and their position in the sky had an affects on one's life.

Some gemstones come from the deepest bowels of the earth or come crashing down from the heavens and thus the belief that they also bring the powers of the abyss and powers of heaven with them.

Not all stones are made the same. Not only do they contain different elements and compounds, the environment and location from where they come from made each stone resonate its own frequency and energy. Therefore some are more conducive for healing, others for energy boost, or for protection and some are even used as prophecy tools.

Medical amulets were widely used centuries ago for healing. Particular stones were carved and inscribed with chants for specific diseases and were placed on the patients' specific parts of the body.

The use of stones for their medical and healing benefits is ancient knowledge and wisdom. Today this is called Lithotherapy.
Today Chinese and Tibetan Traditional Medicine still ground stones into powder and consume it as a cure for illnesses.

In ancient times, Jade was held in very high regard amongst the great Daoist sages. They believed the ingestion of Jade would give them access to the immortality of the Wises. Interestingly the ancient Chinese, the Aztecs and the Mayans all considered Jade as a kidney healing stone.

Traditional Chinese Medicine still ground Pearl into powder to be taken internally to calm the spirit and also to reduce phlegm in the body. It can also be applied externally to heal blemishes and skin problems. It is also taken for its anti-aging properties.

The ancient Greeks crushed Hematite not for ingestion but for rubbing onto their warriors for strength and invincibility during battle.

Lapis Lazuli was a very sacred stone in all ancient civilisations. The ancient Sumerians believed it possessed the energy to heal eye ailments and eye tumours. It was also used to treat fever, circulatory diseases, snake-bites and pregnancy disorders. The early Romans and Greeks used Lapis Lazuli to treat skin problems, epilepsy and circulatory diseases.

Moonstone is sacred to India and it was a moonstone that was embedded in the forehead of the 4-handed god of the moon, Ganesh. Moonstone also it is said, grants gifts of prophecy to the wearer.

During the Middle Ages, quartz was used by medical practitioners in their healing potions and the ancient Egyptians believed it to be anti-aging.

In Ayurvedic medicine, sapphires are believed to bring mental balance and clarity. Arabian kings from 400-100 BC wore sapphires as protection against physical injury and envy.

Amethyst comes from the Greek word Amethystos which means "not intoxicated". This was because of its colour resemblance to grape wine and the belief among the ancient Greeks that this crystal had the power to keep you from getting drunk.

The Hebrew word for Amethyst is "ahlamah” which means "dream” and it is believed that the stone helps you to achieve deep sleep and have lucid dreams and that if you dream of Amethyst you will be free from harm.

In Chinese medicine, Amethyst is also prescribed to get rid of bad dreams. In Chinese Feng Shui, Amethyst is a powerful tool in clearing negative energy and driving away the fears of life.

Pliny notes in his Natural History that some people believed Amber could help with problems specifically connected to the tonsils, mouth and throat as well as mental disorders and bladder problems. - [Amber in Antiquity - World History Encyclopedia]

Ancient Islamic cultures believed that Agate could ward off the evil eye and tragedies. Similarly, Babylonians also believed that agate properties could be used to dispel evil energy. The ancient Egyptians, however, believed agate would offer protection against natural disasters like lightnings.
- [Agate - Benedicte de Boysson]

Back in the 1100s, there was a mystic in Germany whose influence can still be felt today. Her name was Abbes Hildegard von Bingen who in 2012 was made into a Catholic Saint and doctor. Today people practise what is called Hildegard medicine which include the use of gemstones. Gemstones, she wrote in her book Physica, contain both water and fire and therefore contain both of these powers. She also said that stones were blessed by god and can thus heal. In Physica, she wrote;

"Who is dull and would like to be clever, should, in a sober state, frequently lick with the tongue on a sapphire, because the gemstone's warmth and power, combined with the saliva's moisture, will expel the harmful juices that affect the intellect. Thus, the man will attain a good intellect."