Each stone has a magical property. Some are healing, others spiritual, and others are used as tools for cursing.

Agate stones are healing stones, bringer of a calm state of mind and hence health, abundance and long life.

Carnelian gives protection and energy
Red stones balances physical energy

Amber is a powerful healing organic stone. It has been used as medicine, powdered and mixed with honey for healing infections and respiratory diseases. It has the ability of creating happiness on the wearer.

Apatite helps with focus

Amethyst is a spiritual stone. It brings calmness to the soul. It is a transmuter of energy from negative to positive, it also heals if it is warmed with fire and placed on the forehead and temples of the sick person. It repels negative vibrations. It is best if the wearer puts it near the heart chakra to open that spiritual center.

Aquamarine helps with stress. It also helps stop any type of nausea; helps to fight fears and phobias. Aqua means water and marine means sea, and just like the waters of the sea, this stone too soothes and cleanses the spirit. Blue stones give peace of mind.

Aventurine helps you becoming more perceptive and creative. It motivates you to create. Green stones balances emotional energy.

Azurite is another healing stone. It gives spiritual guidance and soothes the third eye chakra. It is a stone that gives good dreams and psychic abilities to those who wear it.

Bloodstone helps in the healing and the smooth flow of blood circulation and heals any type of blood diseases and it stops hemorrhaging. It also removes emotional blockages.

Citrine helps you in thinking clearly. Also, it helps in eliminating toxins both physical and mental and eliminates subconscious fears.

Coral is a power stone. It protects the wearer especially babies from evil. It protects them from the evil eye of people. It has the power of healing properties of the sea.

Emerald helps you in your creativity; gives you perception and insight; and it brings healing to the eyes.

Garnet is good for dealing with depression. It heightens your self awareness and induces self love and helps you have good dreams and encourages success. It raises psychic abilities and help you see past incarnations.

Hematite: it relieves stress and tension in the body. Worn as an amulet it helps you win court cases. In can also help treat hysteria.

Ivory is for spiritual protection.

Jade is a wisdom stone. It links the spiritual worlds with our earth plane. It is most sacred stone both in China and in Central Mexico and Central America.

Jasper reduces stress and helps calm the mind. *(above is a specimen of red jasper stone)

Flourite helps cleanse your other stones. It is great for aquariums as it contains minerals that helps the health of fishes and other water animals.

Lapis Lazuli, just like jade, is also a wisdom stone. It is a spiritual stone used since ancient times as a healing stone and as a protection stone against evil. It helps you in your spiritual awareness.

Malachite, like coral stone, helps protect you especially children from the evil eye. It gives you inner peace. Just as green represents life and abundance of life, so too does this stone increases the feeling of life and abundance of life to those who wear it.

Moonstone is a wealth stone. It gives tranquility and peacefulness of mind. It detaches you from envy and jealousies. It is a stone of love and compassion. It protects you if you are travelling in a boat. It is also a spiritual stone that gives the wearer spiritual insight. It was used to help pregnant women give birth with no complications.

Pearl is a stone with feminine energies. It helps you in your focus; helps you attain spiritual power and peace of mind. White color often represents spiritual purity and gentleness.

Peridot dispels fears, guilt and depression. It helps heal the spirit and eliminates negative energies; gives divine protection and helps activate top head chakras.

Quartz is a healing stone. It has been used to bring down the universal energy to earth. It has also been used for meditation and psychic amplification of the senses. It is used to activate the heart and third eye chakra. It gives you clarity of mind and of purpose. It helps eliminate negative energies surrounding you.

Ruby helps cleanse the blood; gives you vitality and courage.

Topaz gives you peace and tranquility. It helps calm the chaotic mind and restore your physical energy.

Tiger Eye is another stone used for protection.

Tourmaline helps you achive your objectives by clarity of thought. It also cleanses negative energies. It contains electric and magnetic properties.

Turquoise is a very powerful protective and spiritual stone. It is sacred to Native Americans of the South West United States which include the Apache, Hopi, Zuni, Yaqui, etcetera. It is a stone to seal a friendship. It is a stone that gives great courage and strength to the wearer.