Gemstones for Good Karma

Gemstones for Good Karma

Merit, karma and alms are concept fundamental to the philosophy of Buddhism.

Merits are like grades given to you when you do good deeds. These grades are cumulative and affect our whole being in this life, and in the afterlife [or rebirth] and contributes to a person's growth towards enlightenment. It even resonates to the lives of loved ones.

Karma means action, work, or deed in Sanskrit. One's good karma (or bad) leads to merits (or demerits) which can causes a pleasant retribution or an unpleasant one.

Alms or almsgiving is a form of good karma where you give food or money or services to the needy and this giving in turns earns you merits.

The virtue of almsgiving exists in a number of religions and culture. It was recorded in the early Upanishads before 500 BCE and in the Apostolic Age where Christians were taught that giving alms was an expression of love. This concept of charitable giving is also one of the pillars of Islamic teachings.

If you are not familiar with Buddhism teachings, you must have heard the proverb "you reap what you sow". This verse appears in the Bible too and it basically means that consequences are shaped by actions that you do now (good or bad).

Compassion, altruism, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness are all qualities that ensures good karma.

In my research regarding precious and semi-precious stones, I have noticed that most of these gems held a history as far back since humanity began recording their most important events. These stones were revered as sacred beings because they were borne out of Mother Nature and some were even found to be originated from outer space.

For example, many of the stones that I will discuss shortly, were discovered to have been buried with the ancient Egyptians as they were considered to be one of the key tools to ensure a good journey to the afterlife as well as a good rebirth.

Flint, obsidian, shells, pearl, bones, amber, coral, jet, and ivory were used by ancient humans as they are still used today, as instruments for healing and amulets for protection. Many of these also resonate positive energy that induces good positive karma.

Now, the stones that am about to mention are known to harmonize the chakras and also balance karma and thus elicit compassion and encourage charity.

These semi-precious stones include: Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Green Apatite, Pyrite, Sunstone, Pink Rhodochrosite, Green Chrysoprase, Topaz, and Chalcedony.

Rose Quartz is said to induce compassion and unconditional love. It brings inner peace and solace.

Lapis Lazuli is one of those gemstones that was used by people of ancient civilizations such as Sumer and Egypt. It was considered a very sacred stone. It brings forth love and harmony and was considered a gemstone of truth and friendship.

Malachite is the gemstone for gratitude. It gives the wearer the eyes to see and a heart that is grateful for life, and hence, rejoices in the miracles of living.

Green Apatite encourages gratitude and inspires one to help others in their life journey.

Pyrite gives positive energy and positive thinking and protects the wearer from negative surroundings and influences.

Sunstone resonates positivity and brings vitality and happiness to life.

Pink Rhodochrosite encourages compassion and forgiveness and that translates to a more meaningful and joyful life.

Green Chrysoprase also inspires forgiveness. It increases the feelings of empathy and self-love. At the same time, it conquers all forms of envy.

Topaz inspires feelings of kindness, compassion and sympathy.

Chalcedony encourages kindness, friendship, sympathy and gives emotional balance. These feelings affect the wearer in attracting a more positive karma.

Wear or carry these gemstones and let them work for you and guide you. You can also hold them in your hands as you meditate.

Love, compassion, and gratitude helps to neutralise any bad karma you may have unknowingly accumulated in your past actions. When feeling despair or regret, just hold any of these stones and let them soothe your inner despair.