Healing Energy Work

Healing Energy Work

Giving is from god, a true magical act in itself.

A gift is a blessing from God, figuratively and literally speaking. In healing energy work and in meditation, we visualize our good thoughts resonating to the people we intend to heal; we send our compassion and quiet understanding to the ones drowning in the deep recesses of their minds. This undulating positive energy reaches as far and wide into the infinite, as our limitless and divine intentions can bring us to.

We can project these energies of thoughts into a gemstone because a gemstone augments and magnifies these thoughts manifold due to the innate qualities and frequencies of the gemstones which took millions of years to harness.

A person in need, upon receiving these power stones, gifted with intense feelings and wishes, feels a surge of energy sometimes subtly and at times with great emotional intensity. These feelings resets and changes their energetic system that they feel the transformation immediately upon receiving such gifts. Additionally, each time this stone is held in the receiver's hand or each time he glances upon the gift, the receiver could feel the compassion and love from the giver and this heals too.

It is magically and powerful to give. The giver is seen as a god because of his or her unselfish intention to heal and to lift the other person's spirit.