Hiddenite was discovered in 1879 in North California by W.E. Hidden. The gemstone was named in his honor. The locality where Hiddenite was found was also named Hiddenite.

Hiddenite is of a lithium aluminum silicate chemical composition.
Hiddenite is the green variety of Spodumene. The other Spodumene is Kunzite. Both Hiddenite and Kunzite were named after their discoverers. Spodumene comes in a variety of colors such as green, pink, pale violet and is also a source of Lithium.

Hiddenite colors includes yellow-green, green-yellow and emerald-green. Hiddenite is also known as the Lithia Emerald because of its vivid emerald-green color. Chromium oxide is what gives Hiddenite its green color. The intense emerald green Hiddenite is the most loved and sought after.

Hiddenite has a monoclinic, prismatic and tabular crystal structure. Hiddenite hardness ranges from 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale. Hiddenite has very weak, red-yellow fluorescence.

Hiddenite has a glass-like luster and is transparent. High quality Hiddenite gemstones are crystal clear with no inclusions visible.

Hiddenite as a gemstone is extremely rare, therefore, Hiddenite is most valued by collectors and museums.

Hiddenite is pleochroic. It exhibits different colors from blue-green, emerald green to yellow-green when viewed from different angles

Hiddenite is found in North Carolina, in the Unites State, in Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma), Brazil, Madagascar and California.

Because of its perfect cleavage, Hiddenite is very difficult to cut. In order not to damage the gemstone, most often it will be emerald cut (step cut) or cut en cabochon,

Hiddenite (especially the emerald green variety) is extremely rare, and the gemstone high quality hiddenite that are skillfully cut is even rarer and highly valuable.

Hiddenite looks similar to chrysoberyl, diopside, emerald, peridot, precious beryl and verdelite.

Hiddenite are often found near Emeralds.

All varieties of Spodumene which include Hiddenite and Kunzite, are powerful against the Evil Eye, and benefit the kidneys and the lower spine regions.

Hiddenite helps you in facing your fears, and encourages compassion and loving kindness in the wearer.

It also relieves stress by lowering the heart rhythm to a peaceful state.

Traditional Hindu belief system says that Hiddenite helps the wearer by acquiring higher intuition and spiritual occult knowledge.