Mali Garnet Gemstone

Mali Garnet Gemstone

There are six varieties of Garnet: Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartite, Grossularite, Uvarovite and Andradite. Some Garnets come mixed chemically with one another. These are called hybrid garnets. One such hybrid Garnet is Rhodolite Garnet that is a blend of Pyrope and Almandite garnets.

Another noteworthy hybrid is Mali Garnet. It was only discovered in 1994 in Mali country, West Africa and thus named after the country. Mali Garnet is a mixture of Grossular and Andradite garnet.

This discovery was held in high regard and significance as both the Grossular and andradite varieties are the rarest and most sought-after garnets and thus highly valuable. These garnets include Tsavorite and Hessonite from the Grossular group and the rare Demantoid Garnet from the Andradite group.

Mali Garnet is a mixture of Grossular (calcium aluminum silicate) and Andradite (calcium iron silicate) in chemical composition. Though it is mostly made of Grossularite, Andradite being only around 5%, it is the presence of Andradite that gives Mali Garnet its diamond-like dispersion or fire.

Although Mali garnet ranges in color from green, yellow-green, honey-green, yellow, orange to brown, it usually occurs in shades of yellow and brownish-green. The yellow, greenish-yellow and yellowish-green stones are highly desirable and fetch much higher prices than the brownish gemstones.

The most valuable Mali garnet is the extremely rare chrome green color. The great brilliance and high dispersion are the special value factor for any Mali Garnet gemstone.

Mali Garnet has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It occurs with an indistinct cleavage. It has an excellent transparency, with some invisible inclusions, though eye-clean Mali Garnets are also common. When cut and polished, Mali Garnet has a beautiful glass-like luster.

Mali Garnet is expensive because the supply has diminished. Usually, Mali Garnets are found in small sizes. When it comes in large sizes, its prices also dramatically increased.

No enhancements or treatments are known for Mali garnet.

Mali Garnet has a refractive index similar to that of Grossular Garnet (1.77 in most specimens), but it displays a dispersion similar to that of Demantoid Garnet which is a variety of green Andradite garnet.

Due to the variety of colors and the locations that they are found, many Garnet gemstone can be easily mistaken with Spinel, Chrysoberyl, Alexandrite, Tourmaline and Sapphire. However, the cubic rhombic dodecahedral crystal structure is the main identifier of all garnet stones. Other distinguishing factor is their lack of cleavage, lack of fluorescence and lack of pleochroism.

Mali's Garnet green color is due to traces of chromium which is also responsible for the green in tsavorite, emerald and the red in ruby.

Mali Garnet is generally faceted, only the opaque specimens are cut en cabochon. They are typically shaped into cushions, rounds and ovals, trillions, marquise, pears and hearts. This is because these shapes maximize the color, brilliance and dispersion of the Mali Garnet gemstone.

Garnet is the birthstone of January. It is also the second-year anniversary gift gemstone.

Garnet boosts passion, love and romance. It improves intimacy and augments sensuality and sexuality. It is a giver of positive energy and self-confidence and success in business.

Garnet is considered a powerful stone for protection and in ancient times it was used to heal people suffering from infectious diseases, blood poison, and heart and lung problems.

It was also made into talismans and amulets in order to protect the wearer from nightmare and evil spirits.

Yellow is the color of solar energy which influences life on earth and also as far as the sun’s winds can reach the universe. It influences our self-confidence and vitality, and also our own life’s path. The power of the sun chases away the darkness of the world, and thus, yellow-colored gemstones have that power to chase away the negativity and gloom in our lives, hearts and minds.

Yellow gemstones, as stones of the sun, drive your determination. They give you energy to get up and finish your day full of optimism and positive tenacity.

The sun in ancient times represented or was associated with God. It symbolized wisdom, creation or creativity, warmth as in father’s love, and happiness [just listen to the birds singing when they see the sun rising]. Yellow gemstones are said to increase willpower, concentration, memory and encourages creativity.

They also protect its wearer from evil spirits, depression and nightmares. I am certain that the yellow Mali Garnet possesses all these metaphysical properties, too.

To clean your extremely rare Mali Garnet gemstone, use soapy water with a soft cloth. Remember to rinse your Mali Garnet jewelry gemstone well in order to remove all soapy residue. Extreme heat and temperature fluctuations may cause your Mali Garnet to fracture.

Mali garnet should not come into contact with household chemicals and cleaners such as bleach or hydrofluoric acid as these can cause corrosion.

To date, Mali remains the only known source for Mali garnet.