Then, too, the pearl from out its shell,
Unsightly in the sunless sea,
(As 't were a spirit, forced to dwell
In form unlovely) was set free,
And round the neck of woman threw
"The Loves of the Angels" by Thomas Moore

Pearl, from the Latin Pilula, a ball.

Although legends speak of pearls being the dewdrops of the moon and/or the tears of angels, Pearls are products of mollusks, clams and mussel’s secretion.

Lord Vishnu adorn his neck with a necklace of pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

The pearl was loved in ancient times as a symbol of purity, tranquility, chastity and ability and was sacred to the moon goddess.

In ancient Greece, virgins and young maidens seeking the protection of Goddess Diana put a string of pearls around their necks.

Pearls are still used today in China as medicine for heart troubles, stomach problems, blood disorders and insanity.

As a cure for the plague, it was recommended that pearls be grounded to a fine powder and put in milk and drink it.

Golden pearls represent wealth; white pearls represent purity; black pearls represent metaphysics; pink pearls represent love; red pearls represent energy and health; grey pearls represent good thinking.

The beautiful luster and polish of the pearl gives life to any type of human skin. It has been noticed that pearls lose their vitality and luster when their wearers die. So, it is recommended not to buy and wear pearls that have lost their luster as they bring bad luck to the owner.

You want to see how lively you are, hold a pearl, and see whether it shines brighter or it dulls as the life in it decreases.

It has been noticed by ancient masters in the Occult that certain stones are favorable to some and unfavorable to others. This is the reason why they came up with a birth stone chart. Thus, it has been written that only Cancer and those born under the protection of the moon, should wear pearls as they are super beneficial to them. Capricorns and Scorpions should abstain from wearing pearls.