Rock Crystal - Mystic Quartz

Rock Crystal - Mystic Quartz

Mystic Quartz is called thus because its gorgeous rainbow of colors of greens, blues, and purples are something magical, mysterious, mystical and bewitching to behold. Mystic Quartzes are not gemstones per se, but an enhanced colorless Rock Crystal.

Mystic Quartz is of a silicon dioxide chemical composition. It is of a trigonal, and hexagonal prisms crystal structure. Mystic Quartz is colorless. And has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale [which makes it flexible and durable for any type of jewelry]. Mystic Quartz is transparent and displays after it has been cut and polished a glass-like luster.

Mystic Quartz first made its appearance in the gemstone market in 1998. It is a natural colorless or white quartz also known as Rock Crystal that has been enhance or coated to give it a unique rainbow color effect. This enhancement is not permanent.

A clear thin coating is applied to colorless quartz resulting in an infinite combination of unique colors. Mystic Quartz is very kaleidoscopic; that is to say, having complex patterns of colors; and or multicolored.

Two of the most popular varieties of Mystic Quartzes include the Pink Mystic Quartz and the deep blue Mystic Quartz variety.

The magical colors in mystic quartz change as soon as you tilt the gemstone. What sets apart mystic quartz from other gemstones is that every single color imaginable can be seen in this one quartz.

This is a truly magical.

To obtain these awesome colors, highest quality with no inclusions transparent and clear luster white quartz are used.

Quartz due to its hardness can be cut and fashioned in many different shapes including square, round, octagon, pear, oval, heart, concave cuts. diamond-cuts, and other fancy shapes. Before the color enhancement of Mystic Quartz, the Rock Crystal is usually brilliantly cut; whereas rich colored gemstones are typically scissor cut.

In order to change colorless rock crystal into colorful mystic quartz, it must go through a process known as Thin Film Deposition. This coating technology was established by a company called Azotic Coating Inc.

After the colorless Rock Crystal has been cut and polished, it is then coated with a very thin titanium film that bonds with quartz at the molecular level. This enhancement, however, only affects the surface of the gemstone.

Mystic Topaz is also coated in the same way. Mystic Topaz is obtained from colorless or white Topaz.

Other gemstones that look similar to Mystic Quartz include Azotic Quartz and Azotic Topaz.

Azotic refers to a coating process of a colorless gemstone such as Quartz or Topaz in order to create a rainbow of colors effect in the gemstone. Azotic coating is a trademarked process. Azotic gemstones usually display a pinkish-yellow tone than Mystic gemstones.

Mystic Quartz which is a natural colorless Rock Crystal that has been enhanced, has the same metaphysical properties attributed to natural colorless quartz also known as Rock Crystal.

Rock Crystal empowers the wearer both in his or her self-confidence and self-love, but also invigorates him or her.

It helps the wearer to rid of all forms of negativity and offers a powerful protection from harmful energy fields that come near the wearer.

Colorless Rock Crystal also helps clear the mind and prepare the wearer for a focused meditation.

Quartz it has been said, sooths and calms and relaxes the wearer, and puts him or her in a balance with all of his or her surroundings.

Colorless Rock Crystal, and in this case, Mystic Quartz, is associated with the crown chakra, which is a bringer and assister of higher divine consciousness.

To clean your Mystic Quartz, use warm water with mild detergent and a soft cloth or soft toothbrush. Gently scrub your mystic quartz either with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush. Rinse well and remove all soap residue from your gemstone. Finally, dry your Mystic Quartz with a towel or soft cloth.

White Quartz or Rock Crystal is found all over the world. Brazil, Madagascar, the United States and the Alps being the most important deposits. Some Rock Crystal specimens can weight several tons.