Rock Crystal Quartz

Rock Crystal Quartz

Shui Ching in Chinese means "water perfectly clear," may be compared with the Greek word Krustallos which means Ice and both terms refer to Rock Crystal Quartz.

Rock Crystal is the purest variety of quartz. It is composed of silicon dioxide and is transparent and colorless. It is clear as it doesn't contain any trace minerals.

Rock Crystals are also known as the Alaska Diamond, Alencon Diamond, Berg-Crystal, Mountain Crystal, Unripe Diamond and Vallum Diamond.

Rock Crystal has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It has a glass-like luster with a strong piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. These are used to control the oscillation of electrical circuits. It is also used to make precision sensitive scientific instruments including medical incision devices, cutting weapons and sharpening cutting tools.

Before the 16th century, Crystal was written as Christall, Chrystal, Krystall, Cristal, etcetera. Here we must emphasize the connection between this precious stone with the title name of CHRIST.

There are plenty of evidence of Rock Crystal magical use in antiquity.

Crystals were used to make Egyptian Scarabs which were venerated by the ancients, kings and commoners of Egypt. Babylonian Rock Crystal Cylinders dating as far back as 1500 BC have been discovered. In ancient times, people were often buried with their sacred Rock Crystals.

In 1988, two artifacts stolen from the Penn Museum were a statuette of the god Osiris and a crystal ball. Both were recovered three years later.

A crystal ball was among the gifts put on the grave of Childeric I, the Merovingian King, who lived at approximately 437 - 481 AD.

In the Epic Trials of Psyche found in Apuleius' novel "Metamorphoses, or the Golden Ass," we read that in the third trial of Psyche, she was asked by the goddess Venus to fill a crystal vessel with the waters of the spring that feeds the Styx and Cocytus in the underworld. The eagle who rests next to Jupiter helped Psyche fulfill this impossible task.

A Rock Crystal was used in the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries to start the Sacred Fire in honor of the goddess Demeter. The sun's rays were focused on the crystal.

In the city of Vienna, the Hapsburg family has an imperial vault in the Church of the Capuchins. Within this vault are 150 crystal vases and the corpses of 150 Habsburg nobility. It has been written that each crystal vase contains the heart of each 150 personalities entombed there.

Pliny the Elder writes about the "crystallum orbis" used by soothsayers. In the Middle Ages "crystallum orbis" was known as orbuculum, both meaning Crystal Ball used in Crystal Gazing.

Crystal-gazing (also known as crystal-seeing, crystallism, crystallomancy, gastromancy, and spheromancy) is a technique used by fortune tellers or a clairvoyant which was achieved by gazing at a crystal ball. This is a form of scrying (or “seeing”), a means of speaking with the dead, with angels, and seeing the future.

The astrologer and sorcerer of Queen Elizabeth, Dr. John Dee, devoted much of his time to divination, scrying, alchemy, and one of his magical items was a crystal ball which is now on display at the British Museum.

During the Victorian Era, Crystal Gazing was a popular pastime. Books on crystal gazing written about this time say that the crystal ball would form a mist within it before the appearance of a vision.

Pope Alexander VI in 1494 gifted King James IV the Scepter of Scotland. This scepter is a golden hexagonal rod, with a rock crystal on the top, supported by golden dolphins with Saint Andrew, Saint James and the Virgin and Child which were also depicted.

National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., United States, housed the largest flawless rock crystal sphere. This masterpiece was supposedly made for the Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) during the Qing dynasty in the 19th century.

Rock Crystals are highly esteemed by the Chinese since ancient times. It is regarded as a powerful talisman of concentration and perseverance. It is also known as the Jewel of Perfection by them.

In Japanese art, the dragon is depicted holding a crystal ball. This ball is called the Gem of Omnipotence. Dragon in Japan is usually referred to as Tatsu or Ryu. The Ryu comes in different colors of white, red, green or yellow and black. The Breath of the White Dragon turns to gold; whereas the spittle of the Red Dragon turns into Crystal Balls.

Shamans of South America believe that Rock Crystal houses holy spirits, and therefore, is to be considered very sacred and only to be seen by the wearer. Natives would often make a special bag where they would put their rock crystal and wear it around their necks.

Natives of Australia and Tasmania also consider Rock Crystal in a sacred and mystical way. They use it for crystal gazing and other religious rituals as well.

Crystal gazing has been practised by ancient civilizations, as well as peoples of today.

It is said that Rock Crystal encloses within itself all the knowledge and secrets of the past, present and future.

Wearing rock crystal will banish nightmares, and rid of curses. It will guard you against all sorts of black and evil witchcraft, envious friends, and the evil thoughts and intentions of people in general set against you.

It has been said that in the presence of poison, Rock Crystal would break or become cloudy. For this reason, the ancients made beautiful goblets from Rock Crystal.

Rock Crystals help prevent infectious diseases, tumors, blood impurities, heart problems, feet troubles, bowel troubles, and kidney failure.

Not only Rock Crystal was employed since ancient times as crystal ball for scrying, but also as lenses for those having problems with vision. Rock Crystals, too, have been used as prisms. They were also used as a tool to burn tumors in the skin.

The most magical Rock Crystals are those that have droplets of water encased in them, like the encased water droplets in the spirit-level. For those who do not know what a spirit level is, it is a device for determining true horizontal or vertical directions by the centering of the bubble in a slightly curved glass tube or tubes filled with alcohol or ether.

Droplets of water have been found trapped inside Rock Crystals but more often they are found in Enhydro Agates.

Rock Crystals represent the occult and mysterious knowledge. It is considered to be one of the most powerful and magical precious stones used in amulets. Chinese and the Japanese highly value the double-gourd made from Rock Crystal. They are said to remove bad energy and also trap evil presences.