Lava Rock also known as Scoria is formed from hardened volcanic lava.

Scoria is derived from the Greek SKORIA, meaning Rust.

Scoria is normally composed of about 50% silica and 10% calcium oxide with lesser contents of potash and soda. It is an extrusive igneous rock whose major minerals are plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine. Minor mineral contents may include apatite, biotite, hematite, hornblende, ilmenite, magnetite, and quartz.

Scoria has a hardness ranging from 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale and it has a perfect cleavage.

It is opaque and have rounded or elongated cavities caused by trapped bubbles. These cavities are known as Vesicles.

It comes in black to dark gray, brown and purplish-red colors.

Scoria has a glass-like and dull luster.

Small pieces of Scoria that are between 2 millimeters and 64 millimeters in size are called Lapilli. Larger units are known as Blocks.

Scoria is often confused with Pumice. However, color is the first characteristic that can help us distinguish between Lava Rock and Pumice. Lava Rock is almost always black or dark gray to reddish brown, whereas, Pumice is almost always white to light gray to light tan. The color difference is due to the fact that Scoria forms from basaltic magma while Pumice forms from rhyolitic magma which usually contains more gas.

Pumice floats on water, whereas Scoria is heavy enough to sink.

Scoria contains tiny crystals that can only be seen through a hand lens. Pumice, on the other hand, also observed with a magnifying glass, has a glass-like texture similar to obsidian. In other words, Pumice consists of glass (non-crystalline) material whereas Rock Lava or Scoria consists of mineral crystals.

This powerful stone was created from fire and minerals found deep under the earth. Rock Lava is also known as Basalt and just like Zircon, it is one of the oldest stones that exists on this planet.

This stone which originates from a violent environment emanates the intense power of calming and healing energy. It calms the wearer in volatile situation, gives strength, courage and knowledge to overcome anxiety attacks thus coming to a balanced state of inner peace.

Since Lava Rock comes from fire and from the abysmal places, it is connected to the root chakra and has the power to increase sexual potency both in men and women, and increase fertility.

It has always been worn as a protective stone and used in healing since the first humans walked this earth.

Lava Rock is often used in the making of beaded necklaces and bracelets, helping the wearer enable the flow of energy in his or her body.

Lava Rock is truly a healing stone. It has the power to absorb and suck in bad energy from your body and transform it into a more balanced energy, diffusing it throughout the body.

Due to its porous nature, it is often used as a diffusing stone for scented oils and perfume for a therapeutically relaxed environment.

Scoria can be found in regions where Earth’s volcanic activity occurs.