The April Birthstone: The White Diamond

The April Birthstone: The White Diamond

Diamond comes from the Greek word ADAMAS, ADAMANTOS, which means Unconquerable, Invincible.

Diamond is the birthstone for April. Diamond is the symbol of unconquerability, faithfulness, and perpetual love. Diamonds since ancient times have been linked with the nobility and have been prized and associated with beauty, power, courage and faithful love. Thus, those born in April are said to be persons with authority, inner strength, perseverance, and with emotional balance and clear-mindedness.

Not only are diamonds the hardest of all gemstones, they are the only hardest substance that has been found on earth today. Only a diamond can cut and scratch another diamond.

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, the same carbon as found in the graphite of coal or a pencil. Due to impurities, they may occur in white, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink and black. Blue diamonds are colored by boron impurities, for example.

They are mostly transparent but some can be opaque. Only the transparent ones are used in jewelry.

Colorless or white diamonds are the most popular but it is the yellow and brown diamonds that are the most commonly occurring diamonds in nature. Brown and yellow diamonds are often referred to as 'champagne' or 'cognac' diamonds. The rarest diamond is of the red variety. The colours of diamonds can be altered by high temperature and irradiation treatment.

Diamonds have a high refractive brilliance. This means that they can refract light into the seven colours of the rainbow in all directions at the same velocity. They shine like fire due to this high dispersion of light.

Colour diamonds such as pink, red, orange, blue, green, gray and black are referred to as fancy diamonds. Though the traditional diamond is the colorless variety, the true rare diamonds are the fancy-colored ones. These are more highly valued than the white colored traditional diamonds. Because of the high demand, synthetic colour-treated diamonds have been introduced to the gemstone market of the world.

Diamonds were believed even among the Jewish tribes at the time of Aaron, to have magical and spiritual powers that can protect the wearer. Thus, a diamond was found to be one of the sacred gemstones decorating the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest.

In Hindu astrology, Diamonds are associated with the planet Venus; however, in ancient Rome, Diamonds were associated with the planet Mars; consequently, Roman soldiers wore diamond amulets for courage and protection in war.

During the Middle-ages, Europeans used Diamonds for healing and treating mental illness, fatigue and glaucoma.

Diamonds are also said to purify and detoxify the body.

Diamonds also are associated with power, nobility, wealth, and have been worn by royalty, the powerful and wealthy since time immemorial.

In Sanskrit texts, Diamonds are given the name of Vajra, the lightning weapon of Indra in Hindu religion and mythology.

The Diamond, also, are associated with engagement rings. This tradition began in 1477 when the archduke of Austria, Maximilian, gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy.

In the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe propagated through her songs and movies that diamonds are a girl's best friend and that they represented glamour, wealth and love. That skyrocketed diamonds' popularity. These were some of the marketing effort and strategy given by the gemstone businesses such as De Beers Jewellers and Tiffany who are one of the biggest diamond market shareholders and thus most influential supporters.

The colorless diamonds in ancient Hindu texts were believed to represent beauty, purity, faith, honesty, loyalty, love and power.

Ancient Romans said that the arrows of Cupid, especially the tips, were made of diamonds that could penetrate even the coldest stone heart.

Ancient Greeks said that a diamond symbolized faithful love between giver and receiver.

Diamonds are believed to magnify energy, and thus, if used in an energy generated orgone crystal pyramid in combination with other crystals such as a Clear Quartz, the power of this crystal energy generator will be amplified manifold.

Diamonds also have a perfect cleavage which means that they can be easily cut but also, they can be chip, fracture if given enough force set against them; moreover, Diamonds are also resistant to high temperatures, that only a heat similar to a jeweller’s torch can affect a diamond. Diamonds, too, are unaffected by chemicals. Nonetheless, household cleaners can damage white gold alloys which is a common diamond setting.

Nonetheless, Diamonds are highly durable and stable gemstones and thus can be faceted in any shape and fashioned into any type of every day jewelry, including tennis bracelets.

The most popular shape for a diamond is known as diamond cut.

According to the Traditional Birthstone List it was the Sapphire and the Diamond that honor April as its birthstone. The Modern Birthstone list which began in 1912, however, uses only the diamond as the gemstone for April.

In other Traditional Birthstone lists, it was the sapphire and opal that were the birthstones for April; also, Clear Quartz and White Topaz have been included as alternatives. These last two were included because of the similarity to colorless diamonds with their sparkling and transparent colour.

Sapphire which comes in a variety of colours such as pink, black, yellow, orange and even white colours, was originally the birthstone for April for Arabs, Romans, Jews, Russians and Italians. However, it was the beautiful brilliant blue that was recognized as the gemstone for April.

Blue colored gemstones were said to give off inner peace, serenity, and help rid of stress, anxiety, fears, and undesirable forms of thinking. Also, it was believed to rid of depression, and help the wearer self-express himself or herself better.

The Mystical Birthstone Calendar of Tibet lists Opal as the gemstone for April. Opal gemstones lack a crystal structure and because of it, is considered a mineraloid rather than a mineral. Ancient Romans associated Opal with purity and hope; whereas the ancient Greeks said that Opal has the ability to enhance the powers of foresight.

Opal has a powerful vibration and has the ability to absorb negative feeling and thoughts in the wearer, and amplify the positive characteristics in the wearer.

White Topaz can be used as a diamond substitute also, even as an alternative engagement ring gemstone. White Topaz, when faceted, displays a brilliant sparkle close to a diamond. White Topaz is said to get rid of stagnant and clogged energy in the wearer, and make the wearer lively again.

Due to the similarity of colour and transparency of diamonds, Quartz Crystal is also an alternative for an April birthstone. In Britain it is Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal that is considered the April gemstone.

It is said that Rock Crystal encloses within itself all the knowledge and secrets of the past, present and future.

Wearing Rock Crystal will banish nightmares, and rid of curses. It will guard you against all sorts of black and evil witchcraft, envious friends, and the evil thoughts and intentions of people in general set against you.

Not only Rock Crystal was employed since ancient times as crystal ball for scrying, but also as lenses for those having problems with vision. Rock Crystals, too, have been used as prisms. They were also used as a tool to burn tumors in the skin. Today, crystal healers use the powerful vibrations of clear quartzes in their crystal healing and rituals.

To clean your beautiful diamond simply use mild detergent with warm water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

Keep away your precious diamonds from other gemstones, for it can without a doubt scratch these other gemstones.

Important sources of Diamonds include India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Lesotho.