White (Colourless) Gemstones

White (Colourless) Gemstones
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By Alice Koh

White (colourless) gemstones come in many different types and sizes. The large carat gemstones can be used as centerstones and the smaller ones as side stones or melee accents. Many colourless gemstones, however, have been used as diamond alternatives and substitutes.

The readily available white (colourless) gemstone that can also be found in large carats and is affordable is the white (colourless) quartz also known as rock crystal and white (colourless) topaz.

Rock Crystal

White quartz, or rock crystal, has a hardness of 7 on Mohs scale which makes it durable and suitable for most jewellery designs including rings. However, white quartz lacks the brilliance and fire and dispersion to be made into a diamond substitute or its alternative. The good thing is that it can be found in really big sizes and is very affordable.

Rock crystals are highly esteemed by the Chinese since ancient times. It is regarded as a powerful talisman of concentration and perseverance. It is also known as the Jewel of Perfection.

In Japanese art, the dragon is depicted holding a crystal ball. This ball is called the Gem of Omnipotence. Dragon in Japan is usually referred to as Tatsu or Ryu. The Ryu comes in different colours of white, red, green, yellow or black. The breath of the White Dragon turns to gold; whereas the spittle of the Red Dragon turns into crystal balls.

Shamans of South America believe that rock crystal houses holy spirits, and therefore, is to be considered very sacred and only to be seen by the wearer. Natives would often make a special bag for their rock crystal and wear it around their necks.

Natives of Australia and Tasmania also consider rock crystal in a sacred and mystical way. They use it for crystal gazing and other religious rituals as well.

Wearing rock crystal banishes nightmares and rids of curses. It guards you against all sorts of black and evil witchcraft, envy and the evil thoughts and bad intentions of people around you.

White Topaz

White topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale which is quite tough and resistant to scratches. However it has a perfect cleavage which means that it can fracture easily. It does come with brilliance and a high refractive index, which can be made as an alternative to white (colourless) diamond. White topaz also comes in large sizes, over 5 carats and are affordable.

Topaz was believed to cure insanity. Till today, it is used as a powerful amulet of protection against any type of danger. It is said to protect the wearer from epidemics, wild passions, witchcraft and the envious look of the Evil Eye. It gives extra-sensory perceptions like a glimpse of the afterlife.

Topaz can help to banish the fear of death and can help ease the journey to the afterlife.

White Sapphire

White sapphire is another popular colourless gemstone. It is an excellent substitute for diamond, and great as a side stone or melee accent as it has a high refractive index. It comes mostly in smaller sizes. However, white sapphires weighing several carats can still be found. White sapphire is a hard and durable gemstone, rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale which makes it perfect for daily wear.

Sapphire was also used in magical and religious ceremonies. For instance, it was used as an amulet that would protect the wearer from the larvae of the demonic spiritual plane and from poisonous vermin on this material plane.

It is believed that wearing a sapphire gemstone helps you bond with your spiritual helpers such as your spirit guides, spiritual healers, guardian angels, and even loved ones that have passed away to the spirit realm.

Nonetheless, the best diamond substitute and alternative is the colourless zircon and colourless beryl also known as goshenite.

White Zircon

White Zircon has a higher refractive index than a diamond and sapphire. Colourless zircon has been used as a diamond substitute for years and has fooled many people. Colourless zircon is rated 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It is suitable for all types of jewellery. However, it must come in proper protective setting to avoid hard blows and rough daily wear. White zircon is more affordable than white diamond and white sapphire.

White zircon was used as an amulet against plagues and diseases and it was loved by Europeans of the Middle-Ages and by Hindus alike.

It was worn on the pinky finger by physicians of Europe during that time.

Indian astrologists advised that white zircons be placed in dry sea salt once every 6 months where it would discharge and recharge at the same time.


Beryl comes in many colours such as green like the emerald and light-blue like aquamarine. But beryl also comes in white or colourless.

Goshenite has a hardness ranging from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale which makes it hard enough for any type of jewellery. It also has an excellent transparency. According to the Wikipedia article on Goshenite (gem), it says: "Goshenite is also referred to as the purest form of beryl since there are generally no other elements present in the stone. The gem is used as imitation for diamond or emerald by adding colored foil on it." Due to its good clarity and excellent transparency, goshenite was once used for manufacturing eyeglasses and lenses.

Goshenite and rock quartz crystal were both used as divining tools and eye glasses. They were also known as Stones of Wisdom. It is the stone that helps people see different viewpoints in a situation, thus guiding one to make wise decisions.

As a white transparent stone, it represents purity, truth and psychic abilities. It is crystal clean and hence, nothing is hidden.

Goshenite is the stone for the zodiac sign of Gemini. It resonates with the third eye chakra that is associated with the moon and the water element in Eastern healing spirituality.

Raw Herkimer Quartz Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals first found in Herkimer, New York. They have been with us since five hundred million years ago. Magnificent quartz that have a diamond-like geometrical shape, thus the name “Herkimer Diamonds”.

Each Herkimer quartz diamond crystal is one of a kind with a unique shape. They also occur with black coloured inclusions.

Raw Herkimer quartz diamond has a hardness of 7.5 which is harder than most quartz varieties. Herkimer quartz diamond is the April birthstone.

Herkimer quartz diamond crystal is believed to purify and magnify the frequencies of other stones. It also helps to purify your aura field. It is a high vibration quartz that helps boost psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and psychic hearing. It is also known as the Dream Crystal used for dream recollection.