White Zircon

White Zircon

The white variety of zircon, so closely resembles the diamond that it is easily confused as a diamond by most people.

However, a white zircon is 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale whereas a diamond is 10. This means that a white zircon is relatively easier to be damaged and scratched than a diamond if it is not well taken care of.

White zircon's brilliance and fire is twice that of a diamond due to its high dispersion and refraction index. In terms of antiquity and rarity, zircon is the oldest gemstone on planet Earth. To be precise it is 4.4 billion years old, much much older than diamonds. The natural white zircons are rarer than diamonds.

In Sri. Lanka, top colorless and flawless white zircons are referred to as "Matura Diamond".

White Zircon was used as an amulet against plagues and diseases and it was loved by Europeans of the Middle-Ages and by Hindus alike.

It was worn on the pinky finger by physicians of Europe during that time.

Indian astrologists advised that white zircons be placed in dry sea salt once every 6 months where it discharges and recharges at the same time.

We strongly believe that it is white zircon and not colorless diamond that is the sacred stone of the Third Eye Chakra. Because of its purity and rarity and also as the oldest gem on the planet, it is a highly energized and potent stone.