Flashy Lotus Aurora Opal
Flashy Lotus Aurora Opal
Flashy Lotus Aurora Opal
Flashy Lotus Aurora Opal

Flashy Lotus Aurora Opal

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Dewdrop Shaped Aurora Opal Gemstone Pendant Wrapped in Pure Copper Wire Necklace/Jewellery

Size of Pendant: 45mm*15mm
Absolutely STUNNING! Gorgeous Irridescent Opalescent Aurora Opal Gemstone
One-of-a-kind artisan jewellery
Authentic, beautiful, pretty and eye-catching jewellery that is filled with colours

Wrapped in pure copper wire which has been oxidized and hand polished to highlight the magical colours of the Aurora Opal, this lovely pendant is handwoven using pure copper wire adorning the magical and stunning play of colours of the Aurora Opal gemstone. A sacred lotus flower is woven to accentuate the elegance and royalty that the Aurora Opal gemstone exudes. The bail is elegantly stylized with a simple gordian knot.

This Aurora Opal gemstone is absolutely magical. The colours vibrate and dance in the sunlight.

Health Benefits of Aurora Opal:
Aurora Opal is a lab grown opal with nondirectional, multicolour swirls with green, orange, blue and red as the dominant colours in the spectrum. This lovely prism of light energy gives the wearer peace, serenity and protection.

Your gemstone will arrive in a lovely gift box filled with blessings 💖



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