Ammonite Spiral Fossil Shell Pendant in Antiqued Copper Wire
Ammonite Spiral Fossil Shell Pendant in Antiqued Copper Wire

Ammonite Spiral Fossil Shell Pendant in Antiqued Copper Wire

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Ammonite Spiral Fossil Shell Pendant in Antiqued Copper Wire

Size of Pendant: 44mm*21mm

Absolutely real, one-of-a-kind natural ammonite fossil pendant in earthy brown colour, elegantly and artistically handwoven using pure copper wire. The wrapping design of the pendant with the ammonite fossil shell looks like a serpent solar analemma. The golden spiral is clearly visible, becoming part of the analemma or the eternity 8 symbol. . The copper wire has been oxidized and polished to give it an antique look.

Ammonites originally were called the Horns of Ammon, 'Ammonis Cornua' in honor of the horned Egyptian god Ammon.

Ammonites were very common ocean animals throughout the age of the dinosaurs. They died out 66 million years ago.

Ancient Greeks saw ammonites as sacred symbols associated with the horned god, Jupiter Ammon. Ancient Greeks believed that ammonites bestowed upon the wearer good fortune and prosperity and good luck, ammonites were also used as protection from snakebites and cures for blindness, barrenness and impotence.

Feng shui practitioners believe that for over the last 66 million years these lovely fossils have absorbed a significant portion of positive cosmic energy from the earth and universe, therefore they are very powerful amulets of protection.

Your gemstone will arrive in a lovely gift box filled with blessings 💖



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