Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant

Ruby, Emerald and Welo Opal in Pure Copper Wire Wrap Pendant

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Size of Pendant : 65mm*26mm

Brazilian Emerald
African Ruby
Ethiopian Opals

Exquisite combo 🤩
Bespoke jewellery
You deserve the best❤

Because life comes in a wide variety of colours, I created this fabulous embellished talisman pendant just for you.  This pendant is artistically designed to catch the attention of everyone, made with precious stones and pure copper wire to protect the heart, body and spirit.

This ONE-OF-A-KIND pendant is made of a natural  rich red raw ruby and a natural rich green raw emerald embellished with seven lovely round opals with a mesmerising play of colours.
The precious stones are all wire wrapped with pure copper wire in a beautiful exquisite protective setting.

The opals are arranged like a slithering white serpent in a dance of brilliance and colours.  

The larger pieces are raw, meaning, they are uncut and unpolished and not faceted. 
All three gemstones have been considered since ancient times as magical PRECIOUS STONES and powerful stones for protection. 
Artistically crafted and elegantly designed, this beautiful piece is unique and unveils a tasteful, curated and complex copper wire detail.
Ideal for women who love to own bold fashion jewellery.

Jewellery with amazing benefits: 

Rubies have been revered as a sacred precious stone since pre-history.  They have been highly esteemed by the nobility in ancient civilizations.  It was even claimed that rubies are the tears of Buddha.  Egyptian pharaohs believed that if a ruby touched a woman’s skin, it would grant her immediate prosperity, love and happiness.

Ancient Hindus called Ruby 'Ratnaraj', which in Sanskrit means King of Precious Stones.  In ancient Hinduism, it was believed by some that those who offered fine rubies to god Krishna could be reborn as emperors.  Ancient Indians also believed rubies to be the fruit from the "Tree of Life".

The Persians used ruby in magical rites as a charm against demonic forces.

In Asia, rubies are connected with Dragons.  As a matter of fact, in almost every country where rubies are found, they are connected with dragons (or guardian serpents).  It has been written that Dragons guard the mines of rubies as well as emeralds.

The green colour in gemstones usually stands for rebirth and resurrection, wealth, fertility and security.

Emerald since it is associated with rebirth is believed to have the ability to fight off aging as well as empowering debilitated organs in the body.  It has also been used to treat illnesses and conditions of the lungs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys.

Emerald is also said to heal indigestion, vomiting and dysentery.  At one time emeralds were prized as antidote against poison.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, powdered emerald is still being used in their medicines.

It was said that all the colours of precious gemstones and gems are present in this one stone and it possessed all the virtues of the gemstones whose colors reside within it.

Poets and highly spiritual people in general have been praising and writing about the magical colours in Opal since ancient times.

For example, it has been written that the play-of-colours in Opal have the power to cheer the heart, and to make the person holding the opal rejoice in life.

The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians used opal as a powerful protection against diseases and also they named it the “Gem of the Gods”.
Your gemstone will be wrapped in a lovely gift box filled with blessings ❤  It comes with a chain necklace.



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